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We are publishing the un-abridged version of the Prophetic Words received at the Prophets Round Table held on the 22nd October.  The edited version is available for those who just want a quick read through and it is a lot more palatable.

This version is more precise and very radical. We published the “Quick read” first so that you would have some knowledge of what lies ahead for our Nation, South Africa. The full Prophetic version is a compilation of revelations received by several prophets under the auspices of Crocus Ministries ( and Emmanuel Church ( during a special time set apart to seek the Lord for His word and guidance for 2012. This group got together on the 22nd October 2011. 

Though the words contained in this document were specifically received as we prayed for 2012, they are by no means limited to the year 2012. We believe that much of what was received may start in this coming year but their ultimate fulfillment might happen in the time set by the Lord as we partner with Him.

Our mandate was clear. We were to pray and hear what God is saying for South Africa, the Church and Government of this nation. We have not put any names to the specific Prophetic Words to allow for anonymity.  The group did discern the information as it came from the Holy Spirit. each other.          Our Layout is as follows;


Safety and security


Trade and Manufacturing


Home - South Africa
Uttermost parts of the earth



Please read the words contained in this document prayerfully and allow the Holy Spirit to speak into your heart for God’s will in your life during this coming year.


We had a vision of these important heads together. They are shaking their heads they are in confusion, they don’t know what to do because they are relying on advice from each other. I hear the name Moleletsi and I see that he has clarity. God will give him input to give to the people, as he has a open door to these people that are shaking their heads and that  are in confusion. He will bring the accurate clear word in the name of Jesus, it is not even a long word, I just see two or three sentences that are going to  bring clarity and take away this cloud of confusion. 

Government does not like him, because he is so outspoken

I actually saw something very strange, I saw people in government and they were seated, they get up and push their chairs out, then they sit down again. Like a sping action. It looks like  certain people were being removed, but they are not really being removed, it looks like  there is a spring action, it looks like they are going out but they are coming in. It seems to me like people think they are going out but they are not really. And I also see a man of God. it is almost deceptive it is window dressing.

It is almost deceptive, it makes people think something is happening but it is not really. I also see a man coming in, it is a man of God, somebody that the Lord will send with a big broom , so things are going to be swept out, things are going to be cleaned and cut off. I see like a blade, it is like a guillotine there is going to be finality, certain things clear. It is a total cut off, it is a guillotine, it is a it is solid, you know there are no holes, two things and it is cutting off, it is finality, it is more clear

There are three groups, there is the old school, then there is this interim group which is mingled a little bit of the old school and the wonderers and then there is this totally new fresh group that is being raised up and I feel like it is that group that I saw right in the beginning. So there are three groups, at the moment we are busy with the old school group that is slightly mingled. The old school group to me is the ones that are just saying you know what we cant do anymore and they have just thrown their hands up and they have almost retired from everything and now there is some of them that are still involved and they are mingling with this middle group that has no direction, they have no vision, nothing to fight for, like you said and then other group is obviously going to be the group that is rowing, that is coming up. There seems to be no direction.


We felt that he is at the end of his term he is not going to go into a new term and he is going to leave. People will be relieved to see him go but he will get a proper goodbye, he won’t be ousted, just to fill you in. To me there is too much focus on Malema and there is a lot more behind Malema and I feel that he has passed his sell by date. That is what I feel,  it is a non issue. They have used him to be almost being a trumpet to take the focus of them, so he has been like a smoke screen for them but he doesn’t know that, he thinks he is it. But I feel he will go into business and become very important in the business arena, so he might be out of politics but he will still be around, he is going to be like a thorn in our sides, I can’t see him disappearing.

*One more thing with regards to Malema. What the Lord showed me, is that Malema is a puppet and he is being controlled by quite a few people and what He showed me is that once these people stop using him, Malema becomes limp and he becomes useless and he will fall to the side, he has no influence.

I see him lying on the side, put to the side, he is going to be left and he has  no power, no influence.


I see the union buildings, at the presidency, I see Jacob Zuma and he is on his way out and people are happy about that. I see alot of people there. The president has a special entry way, he usually comes and goes at the back of the building. I see him going out and the people in the building are clapping hands and everybody is joyess of his exit, seeing him off in a good way, he has served his term. Then I see the front of the building and there are new people coming in.  He will go out.  The people are clapping but they are happy that he is going out and there are new people coming in. 

Government: (C0NT)

There will still be a lot of frustration before order will come. God is allowing for this chaos to reign so that people will get more-and-more fed-up.  For a season there will be more Sangomas coming in for “spiritual advice” but will only add to the confusion. The prophetic needs to stand at a distance, keep quiet and stay out of it, until the Lord says to start getting involved because the confusion needs to mature. 

-In due season, God will place the right people in the right positions and will then “activate their tongues” to bring the order.  There will be a demand for spiritual input from government (where the prophetic are supposed to function) but the prophetic needs to keep out until God says so. Sangomas will grab the opportunity but the prophetic needs to wait. I see more-and-more public ceremonies where Sangomas will be invited to be part of the events. The prophetic people need to be ready and available to start speaking when the season comes. But again – WAIT!

We need to pray for the people in government whose hearts are upright. 

The next generation of leaders will be children with a “spirit of Nelson Mandela” who had Nelson Mandela as an example before them all their lives. He as their hero will be the standard to which they will measure. We need to pray for their protection and that they will keep direction.

The advisers that are supposed to move into government have hardened their hearts, and they don’t want to move into the position to serve because they feel unappreciated and overlooked. We need to pray for these advisers to have a change of heart otherwise God is not going to open the doors for them to step into their rightful positions.


The government promised the people houses and they cant go now and promise them  no houses, so they are actually stuck with what they promised. It is impossible to everyone a house, it is actually ridiculous. What I am getting about the Safety and Security I also felt about the children, I’ve got such a heart, it is just everywhere where you hear. I am just so glad that it had been made public because it is important that it gets published and that people know how much crime there is against women and children so that it can be ousted because it has always been kept under  cover. But what my whole concern is I keep worrying about Bheki Cele, he is the head of the police he has done a fabulous job he has totally stepped up the whole police force and now he got himself involved in that leasing problem now he is going to be moved. I don’t see anyone in the wings  Did you see someone from the old school coming in, taking over.

You see he has to go because he has been exposed in corruption so we can’t keep him there, but he has awesome skills, he has done a fabulous job. 

Group violence, wasn’t gangs it was groups and to me that is actually criminals that infiltrate the group and actually cause the group violence to escalate into something that the community actually didn’t have in their part, so that has to be rooted out.

I saw policemen that are in handcuffs themselves, so it is the  police themselves that are criminals, exposed. They are the ones that are causing a lot of what is happening. I saw security cars, the ones that are used to transport important people, government people, black in colour. As people see them they are not real, they become like a cardboard vehicle, so it is  not what we think it is. We think there is security, there is protection, but it is actually fake and a front, if you push it over it is not that secure. I sense that the Lord is saying that we must put our trust more in Him and not in these people that are suppose to be securing and policing us. I also saw what looked like a warzone and it is very dark and there is barbed wire, what you would see in a real warzone and I see that we are sort of in that stage at the moment but the picket fence will come. Because most of our houses are surrounded by high walls, security and electric fencing, when I see a picket fence it is taking all of that away. We are going to reach a state where we are going to feel more secure, and it will not be because of our man made security


All I saw right at the beginning was children in schools they will be implementing sporting programs, a lot more than they have and the love for sport is going to come from the childre from primary school level. They are going to implement a sporting period which they have eliminated and lost and I feel that in 2012 a lot of schools that had no sporting program will have one. Simple things like athletics and running and netball and whatever kids play in primary school, I feel that is the level they are concentrating on. It feels to me when they look at the high school it is hopeless they can’t get there, so they are starting here at the bottom with the primary school and I feel like for 2012 there is a program in place already and we are going to see it implemented.

Sport like volleyball, netball, basketball,  chess and ballroom dancing. So we put it on because we will see it come up. Indoor Olympic cycling, that is speed cycling   

Very important because sports is seen as the way to get to the top and the way to get to get rich and the way to get a car and the focus on sport has been fuzzy, and it has been to win at all cost. The original intent of sport is exercise, team building, community building, what Andre said skills development, leadership qualities, all that  is going to come back into sport,  because that is the origin of why sport was actually put out.   

*I want to confirm what you have been saying, it is going to draw communities together. I see there are people, your average people coming together to build and to help and to create and it brings unity. I also see there is a lot of pride involved with that, I see the blazer and they are wearing the blazer, our players, and there is a lot of pride in our sport and in what our people are doing with regards to sport.

There is going to be a greater emphasis on natural talent and the development thereof in the next season.   Some of the chemical enhancement that is currently being allowed is going to be frowned upon, and it is going to start with the kids.


Inn 2012, I feel like they looking at the head of education, the minister of education and I feel they are looking to replace her, but she has started a renewal process that is not complete and they must keep her because she can’t go, because she has only started to implement some new processes, what I feel is that interference must be left out.

Private is not necessary expensive, I am really going bold here I feel they are going to implement a completely new curriculum and they will announce it by the end of 2012 for all the schools, from small grade 1 up to whatever form, because I just see them scribbling and there is these overseas people coming to assist and a whole new curriculum being announced. 

*I see people being brought in that will be questioning much more as to what is being taught, because I see a book and I see pages that are torn out, so there are things that are missing and that is what is being taught, that is what is in  education at the moment. I see people coming in and questioning, why is this so? and making things right. I also see that there is a lot of turmoil, I see things being blown out of the window, there is still a lot of turmoil within education especially in the rural communities but I see that that will be righted, I see those windows being replaced, there is going to be order, things are going to come back into place.

When the tertiary institutions get involved with the teachers in the schools, it will result in the teachers again having a thirst for knowledge and a desire to further their studies and to develop a second and even a third skill. Currently there is “limpness” in the schools this speaks about a lack of passion but the passion will return for the love of knowledge. This will happen because of the overflow from the tertiary institutions to the schools on many levels.

There are some educational materials/topics (like the evolution theory) that the enemy will try to ground but it will land only for a short time and then be scrapped from the table and we should not be too concerned about it. The kids and the teachers will actually reject it. Even if government or other external sources tries to bring this false “knowledge,” - God says that he is keeping His hand on the education, because He is raising the next generation.

For a season there is going to be a lot more home-schooling because people are frustrated with the educational system’s ineffectiveness. Because of the frustration the “home-scholars” are learning how to use the available resources more effectively to their advantage and I see how this effectiveness is then being transferred to the public school environment.


The financial crunch, although we can trust the Lord and the churches believe God, I feel that God is using it to His advantage, because  He is trimming the finances of the church so that they can’t expand where He has not told them to expand, and where they can’t send someone and if that someone is not send, it is as if the true and the false, there is like a sifting happening between the true and the false. A lot of leaders have positioned themselves. They  are actually  good I see and they should be missionaries and Bible school leaders, they shouldn’t b “the pastor of a church” managing finance and so on. They are going to be repositioned into a place where they would be more accurate in fulfilling their own calling. 20 years ago if you didn’t become a pastor and start a church you weren’t in the ministry and it is like that thinking has come now and I feel like in 2012 there is going to be a lot of change in the thinking, people are going to go back to the prophecy of their original calling which came  out from a few of us as well.  The Lord says He is going to blow a fresh wind through the church  and it is going to be the wind of His Spirit and with that He is going to take away all the debris and all the rituals that we developed, like “shoosh be quiet”, and hands in the air and looking holy, a lot of rituals that are going to be washed out and there is going to be a genuine sincerity that is coming in the church. God says  He is going to raise up and draw out of men and women of God the pastoral side of them, and once again He will turn their face to the flock and they will once again begin to love the people and not see them as numbers and someone who can plant a church and fulfil a department, they are going to see them again as the sheep. I just hear the Lord saying I am the Good Shepherd and I have raised up many shepherds, but they don’t like the shepherd’s calling so they become evangelists and planters and driven and visionaries and they have forgotten that they must just love the sheep. God is bringing those people back to just caring for and loving the sheep, because the sheep have been neglected, very neglected. I just see them sitting with their heads hanging and not knowing who to turn to and who to go to and there are a few off course, there is always a remnant What God has invested in these men and women of God He is not getting back from them what He has invested in them. And this is a time for calling up the investment; He wants interest on His loan. 

The Lord has shown there is a whole army of young people ready to take leadership positions, but because of their years and their training and equipping they are just been overlooked. There is a whole group of people that are glued to their spot taking the places that these young people should come into. But I also feel that the Lord is going to engineer some new positions so that they can get into position and start becoming effective so that when the church explodes they will be ready and they will be available. There is a move away from fulltime ministry as we know it and the Lord is going to use a lot of people that are in the market place to do the work of the ministry with the limited time that they have available. The fulltime people are being sidetracked by meetings and going here and getting popular and invited everywhere else and they are actually not as focussed as a stay at home dad who can only give one night a week, two nights a week. That person’s whole focus goes into the two nights a week that he can give to the work of the Lord. I feel the Lord is bringing some subtle changes in 2012, we are going to see them, and that He is bringing very subtle changes.  There is too much of the church finance is going into stuff  and it is not going into people and into furthering the Kingdom, it is going into making the actual Body and the place look good, the padded chairs, and the digital overhead and the upgraded sound system. We know that is all important but there has been too much emphasis on that and I feel like the Lord says a certain percentage of the finances must go to outreaches, because I keep hearing the Lord say don’t forget the widows and the orphans, don’t forget the widow’s and the orphans and there are very few churches that takes a x amount of percentage, it is almost as if they sow there when they can. Now I only know this by the Holy Spirit, because I am not on any church board, but I feel like they should pick a percentage of their income and if they do that the Lord will actually reward them by increasing the finances to do the other things that they need to do. 

The youth pastor in a church is seen as like an optional extra  and a youth pastor has much more value than an assistant pastor to the senior pastor. More emphasis must go onto the youth pastor because the youth pastor is going to pastor the Youth and the youth pastor needs to be young and current and vibie and not somebody that is just available and put in there, I have just seen to many square pegs in round holes, it is important to choose the proper people. 

There is a shortening of time for the fulfillment of prophetic words; where we normally waited 15 years for a certain “type” of words, I see it happen in 8 years and normally 1 year words coming down to a month.

We have to get new wine in the wine skins; We cannot go into this new season with “old anointing’s” and “old callings” - we need to re-evaluate what God is busy with and get new wine for the new season. Like the ten virgins ready and with fresh new oil. We need to reconnect with God, get filled up afresh and let our hearts resonate with His.

God is releasing a new level of discernment in the body of Christ. People will see more easily what is truth and what is not - what is God and what is entertainment. This will cause for the truth to stick.

There will also be a test where the body of Christ needs to choose to submit to either the fear of God or the fear of man. We cannot submit to both we WILL need to choose.

Over the nation there were Churches that were called for equipping and training specifically and the trainers haven’t yet reached the points that God has called them for; they have made excuses for being busy with everything except getting to what they were called to do: that is the training of the saints. In 2012 God is bringing an ultimatum, that if they are not going to start now with the training, God is going to take the calling and anointing that He gave them and move it over to other people/places. I see the people standing in the wings, ready to take on the calling that is being passed on by God, they are ready and eager to get the release from God and run with it.

Where people has taken the calling God gave them and put on a lot of extra fluff, and God is calling them back to the original word and original vision he gave them.  God is calling us to start seeking Him on the home front as the body of Christ, in our community.



God s told me to look at the clouds and this is what I saw; A saw a dragon that has blown fire towards America with the flames already far away from the dragon and the flames have already hit America. Now it seems as though the dragon has had time to inhale again and is almost ready to breathe fire again. I do not know what it means.

God is transforming North Africa and he is not finished yet. Although the Libyan leader has fallen and there have been other problems there, there are other northern nations that God is bringing down the sword and the hammer of the Word and he will have change. He has warned, He has rebuked, He sent prophets in, He sent intercessors in, they buried scriptures in the sand, in the rocks, I see caves in big walls where the intercessors have gone and they have buried the word. The word in 2012  will come to pass. Another North Africa nation is going to rise up and overthrow their longstanding leader; I don’t know which one it is I can’t get clearer than that. We think it is Morocco, we will test the word.

It is strain coming from the East that is strangling America, that is causing America to not have the resources that they need for what they need, because the money is going out to China There are unholy and ungodly alliances between the two that we don’t know about, secret alliances that is between the two nations and I believe that God is going to expose them and stamp them out, not all of them, one or two while the dragon takes its breath because I feel like China has actually run out of air. They’ve got to re-evaluate what they do, because I see an uprising in the people that are saying we are hungry, we are poor, we are working and we are working for a bowl of rice. I actually see a nation that is starving physically of food physically starving and they work very hard. They are not being rewarded for their output. they are not getting the reward for their output. I just see a lot of people folding their hands and saying no we won’t and it is going to cause this rift between the East and the West.

I saw something very interesting I saw the Bible on flash sticks and I see people taking flash sticks in their pockets and in their briefcases and it looked innocent, but it is the way the Bible is going to be transported into the places where they can’t take the Bible. I just saw like Muslim women with her gerbera’s on and I saw them with a flash stick in their pocket and just holding it and praying with the flash stick in their pocket because they know it is the whole Bible, just like you would hold a rosary 

Revelation 7:1,  After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth so that no wind could blow on the earth or sea or on  any tree. 


South Africa is going into a season of “the battle of mind-sets. “ There will be many who will come and try to push down their different opinions of mind-sets saying that Business is supposed to be done in this way or that. There will be a lot of confusion on what truth is and what is not – but it is a good season.

There was a lot of ways that people thought to be the right way to do business. God is saying that this will not work – It hasn’t worked before. God will bring in mentors and establish the right way to do business. Government will actually fund the bringing in of people to “minister” to the business arena and establish the business ideas.


God gave Nebuchadnezzar dreams and in the same way, God will speak to some of the members the banks boards.  God will give them an eraser with the organogram of services and investments before them; then instruction them to erase certain branches on this organogram. People need to pray again about their investments and ask God if it is still the right investment because of the restructuring going to happen. The commitment of the banks to bankroll certain investment will be withdrawn. God is doing this to clean house and lift financial burdens off people.

Do not just invest in something because others have had a good return on investment. ASK GOD!


Because of the development taking place in agriculture in South Africa, there will be new discoveries in medicine. This will cause an increase in the export of medicine.

South African farmers who is watching the world/government events trying to discern wether or not to plant now or keep their money in the bank or even to immigrate until it is more stable; I feel that God is warning us to keep planting and keep working in 2012 or else there will be a 3 year famine within 8 years. We have a choice in 2012 whether it will come upon us or not. Do not hold back and use the opportunities God provides.


We are currently recycling resources that are available to us but we can’t keep on recycling the same resource over and over. We are recycling the same ideas, the same money, the same principles that we have always used. God is saying that the old resources aren’t going to last very long anymore, we need to start looking at new ways, even new resources.

I also feel we can’t be in a position where we start businesses on loan money anymore; it’s still the same money being used by everyone over and over again.


God is putting up a boundary around Africa, the red tape that is limiting the movement of money from one African nation to the next is going to be less. There is going to be an easier flow of finance between the African nations.

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