Andre Coetzee


(ac)This is a season of revealing and transparency. Its going to be window dressing transparency. Government and politicians are going to be forced to address things that would not be addressed in the past but their hearts will not be in the process. They will only address it to satisfy the people because of what was exposed in public. In this season it will seem like people are repenting of their ways but it will not be genuine but because of public pressure. After this time a new season will dawn where the correct people will get into the correct positions and a true change of heart will happen. God is using this season as a season of grace for people to change. In the next season those who didn't change their ways will be replaced by people with the correct heart and attitude, an attitude to serve. They will understand that they are servants and not bosses and they have a responsibility towards the people they serve.

There is going to be turmoil with the next election that will partly be fueled by a possible split amongst the tripartite alliance. Because of the turmoil during the elections many people will be discouraged because they try to remedy the problems and situations by choosing a leader they believe will change things but the elected leader keeps on repeating the same mistakes as the previous ones. 

The older generation will not change their way of thinking but the younger generation will. At first there will be apathy amongst the younger generation. They will not be interested in politics, in belonging to parties or voting. They will not feel strong alliances with the ANC like the older generation. They will have a total different way of thinking about things than their older generation.  

 Since the start of the new government in 1994 there has been true servants in government with the redemptive gift of servant that work extremely hard. They don't get noticed but they are the ones in the background, out of the limelight that do all the hard work. When politics happen and ministers and government officials get shuffled around and replaced, they are the constant. They have to go through continual change. They see all the wrong things that are going on and see the mistakes that are made from the one term of office to the next. Pray for the protection of these people's callings and hearts. They are the remnant that will carry through to the next generation and season, the old guard. They are not people of stature and position. Their hearts are truly to serve. The only reason these people are still there is because of their servant-hearts and a calling from God that does not allow them to leave. 

Julius Malema is an indication of a condition that was hidden for a long time but is coming to the fore now. There are many individuals that have the same mentality. The mentality is revealing the power hungry greedy people that have no real understanding of what they are saying. What they say doesn't make sense because of witchcraft influences. God is using this process to show the foolishness of the influence of witchcraft. There are many people that support this foolishness because they are also under the same spiritual influence.

Many of the decisions that were made in the past was influenced by witchcraft. The witchcraft that was going on in secret and in the background is coming to the fore amongst the ruling structures and the government. It will be a last attempt to keep the old tradition of witchcraft in the decision making process. But the more the witchcraft comes to the fore, the more the younger generation will reject it as being unacceptable.  It will be the people themselves that will reject it and thus the back of it will be broken. 

It is not the children of God's mandate to try and topple the spirit of witchcraft in government. God is making a process play itself out and God will deal with it Himself. But the children of God have to prepare themselves through this process. First of all we need to guard our hearts. Secondly we must prepare ourselves to be ready to serve when God has toppled this stronghold.

The divide between the people and the government that represent them is getting bigger.   Though people protest no real change is affected. What made the ANC strong during the struggle against apartheid was their connection with the people. But the ANC has lost this connection with the people because of corruption. But God is turning the hearts of the people towards Him and thus their hearts and ways of thinking are changing. Through this changing of hearts God is preparing people that will be able to take their place in government and the political arena that will, in future represent the people again with the ideals that is in His heart. This will be seen as a reinvention and renewal of democracy in South Africa. During this season there will be 'small' individuals that will stand up to 'fight' for things they deem to be part of democracy (as what happened in the USA). They will fight to take prayer out of the schools, furthering abortion and homosexual rights. They will use this new revived democracy to try and force these things through. But the people will laugh at these attempts. These things will not get a foothold in the people of South Africa.

(pb)We are into about the 2years of "window dressing"so far. There are at least another 5 years before the "window dressing" period will end and a greater clarity will come. We MUST NOT get impatient. The Lord wants us to get to the place of functioning together IN DIVERSITY. There are 2 main groups. One group has to re-acknowledge the gifting in the other group. The traditional white grouping are very agitated and pioneering and ready to go with anything. They need to learn how to translate this agitation into servanthood versus direct overt leading. They have to learn to influence and undergird other people groups in their functions. The present government(s) need to come to the realisation that there are other available talents that they need to start using otherwise the wheels of effective government and service will certainly come off. Government will be pressured and come to a place where they are forced to meet with these people with the necessary gifts and talents EVEN if it is in secret. They people they meet with will also HAVE to keep their role "under covers" and not make it public. This will not be a requirement from government, but a requirement from the Lord as He wants them to SERVE them with these gifts and abilities. They are to serve the nation and not flaunt it from podiums - this is a key. This is what Moletsi Mbeki will advocate. He is an irritation to government at present, but his present function is just to plant seeds. He has a far more balanced opinion. This ultimately has to do with the ability of the different groupings to submit one to another in service. This phase is still hidden - there are no definites to the road ahead. 

We cannot separate the government and the church. When the manifestation of witchcraft starts taking place, the function of the church is to observe and keep quiet and not to go into overdrive to topple principalities and powers. The church must, however, DOUBLE it's efforts to equip the body in this time. The witchcraft is coming to the forefront because it is manifesting in a last ditch effort to maintain it's hold on power. Witchcraft and demons always manifest when they are on their way OUT and NOT when they are on their way in (this happens in secret). We sense that their is a void being left by this release and we panic to fill the space. We totally underestimate the fabric of the Godliness of the people of this nation. If we're looking for things to do, then we have to do the following: EQUIP the labourers. The harvest is ready, but the labourers are few. The harvest is in a state and numerical capacity that it has NEVER been before in the history of this nation. This is a huge opportunity. We have to run that hidden road so that we can undergird the entire nation as the Church of Jesus Christ. We must prepare ourselves for a time that is going to need more and more of our attention and for that we are going to need to be supernaturally energised. This is of particular relevance to those of the Church that want to equip the saints versus those who entertain the saints. We have to get the saints inspired for their call and purposes in life. The Lord will have to show us how to function in equipping teams so that this (the equipping) can take place in a far larger capacity and to much greater degree than is presently taking place. This is an extremely important phase for us as the Church. Much evangelism has been done. The equipping will get the saints ready for their productivity and effectiveness. This equipping must take place across all boundaries - not just in the traditional sunday church setting and especially in the market place.

There is a danger in trying to meld everyone into one people group. Each people group have very specific callings, talents and strengths and out of this diversity serving each other effectivity will come. We have to encourage accurately and not fall into the humanistic trap of everyone being "boeties" together doing as we say. We have to be very sensitive to how the different cultural groups have been brought together in one nation to function together through diversity.

Safety and security

People need to be wise and they need to be vigilant. There is a sense portrayed that people can do whatever they want to in this time. There is a very small element in the nation (it was prophetically alluded to some years ago that this figure is less than 5% of the population) that will abuse this period through criminal activity. People, therefore, need to be vigilant and see to it that they have good security systems in place. The Lord will give us very good ideas as to how to secure our places. We cannot say “Oh, the Lord will protect me” when he has given you a very practical plan of, for example, putting an electric fence around your house. We must be obedient to these practical prompts from the Lord. 2012 will be a very strong year for the security industry. They will also reach far into sorting out their own internal problems such as the fact that their staff are often the initiators of crime. A Grace period is opening for this contrary criminal element to be flushed out in this industry. The result of this is that the security industry will get a good name for having strong ethics and delivering a really, really good service.  


(ac)Change will take place in sports structures. There will be a tug of war between sports governing bodies and the government. A lot of discussion will take place about the right of government to interfere with the different sports structures in the country and to what measure government must get involved. 2012 will be a low point (politically) in sports.

There is coming a dismantling of the Bafana Bafana through infighting and wrangling. Because of this a whole overhaul will take place. People are going to be allowed back in that were kicked out unceremoniously in the past. These people will be of the old guard that was involved with the structures in the 90's. 2012 is going to be a disappointing year for soccer in South Africa. 

More individuals in sport will get involved in sport upliftment in the communities. Ordinary community members will also play a role, no longer waiting for the government to do something but volunteering their time to train a community sports team or school children. This willingness of individuals to do the volunteering and work themselves in sports will start to inspire people to do similar things in other areas of the community and not wait for government to do something.

New kinds of sports that never had the spotlight in South Africa as well as new kinds of sports that has never been seen in South Africa will start to flourish. Africans will start excelling in these new and unfamiliar sports like never before and it will take the South Africans and the world by surprise. A lot of foreign investment is coming into the country to fund and support these new sports. This process has already started but it has been continuing in secret. Nobody will take notice of this development until everything has been established. South Africa will have some of the the best facilities in the world for these new sports. These new sports will build into the community and develop the people. It will not be an exclusive sport. Sport events that use to be only for the privileged few will become available for the masses. A new strata of people and abilities in Africans will be revealed through these sports that the world wasn't aware of.

Examples: Indoor Olympic cycling.

Some of the worlds best people in sport will come to South Africa to train here and make use of our training facilities. A greater awareness of social upliftment and investment will start to take place amongst international athletes. They will come to South Africa to train for their international season but they will combine it with investing into community development and social upliftment. This awareness of upliftment was started by the Hollywood celebrities and is spilling over into the sporting community. It will become fashionable amongst sporting stars.

A greater connection is coming between entertainment and sports. Greater interaction will take place between the public and the sports stars (like current ventures where the public can choose the team that is going to play). Example: Mock games that will be played before the main event for entertainment value where celebrities and young people participate. A greater aspect of electronic integration will take place. Example: Integration of computer games and a physical game that is played will happen in the future. 

Some of the entertainment will not be received well by all in South Africa as it might be seen as American or Indian 'bling' being introduced to the sports. Example: African style gumboot dance with soccer balls taking place on the field before the game. More and more live sports games will be displayed in cinemas.

(pb)Rugby is going to be a bastion in the sports arena. They will not try to be prominent but will just get on with their mandate. After 2012 these rugby administrators will be approached to help rectify the problems within the cricket, soccer and other sport administration arenas. Soccer is the next political arena to be targeted. Rugby was targeted politically in 1994 and they have subsequently reformed and taken complete leadership in terms of how sport should be run. They are not trying to criticise or interfere in other arenas, they are just doing theirs really well. 


(ac)A greater drive will take place amongst the young people to get trained as teachers and educators. For quite some time this was an area not a lot of young people were interested in. But a new generation is rising up that has a vision for this field. Some will study in another field and then decide to go into teaching. The government will create incentives in 2012 to encourage students to study teaching.

The community will get more involved in education. Private individuals might even be invited to be guest lectures at schools to bring an extra dimension to the education children get at school.

A new relationship is going to develop between the secondary and the tertiary education systems. Universities might adopt a school to help the school to prepare the pupils for university and bridge the wide gap between the school and university standards. Some university lecturers might become involved in the teaching at the schools (e.g. training teachers and assisting in teaching). This will be a good model that is pioneered. All of this will take place in partnership with business.

A new concept is going to grow in South Africa: School campuses in main city centers. There is already someone that has a vision for this. This will be a private initiative that teams up with the education department. This new concept seems like a combination of a  private school combined with a public school integrated with business interests. The 'trial run' for this model might start up in Johannesburg. This model has the potential to spread to al the main centers in South Africa and become highly successful. The campuses will have dormitories, sports facilities and class facilities. Home schooled children will be able to come from outside and take part in certain classes or sports activities. These campuses will have the ability to integrate different school models into one facility. Campuses will cater mainly for the higher grade school years. The way it will be structured and run will be gleaned from university models. It will be of a high standard. People will come from everywhere to put their children into these training facilities. Universities will be eager to take in pupils from these institutions as they are well educated and prepared for a successful tertiary education.

(pb)The private education initiatives and private education organisations and centers have to, in the very least, triple during 2012. This will not be frowned upon by government. Included in these private initiatives will be schools, private tuition, extra classes, specific remedial schools, courses etc. Many people have been well trained but do not have adequate business skills. They have had the vision but lack business soft skills. They are going to be challenged again to get this off the ground. The market for this is very big. 

Encourage true educators in this time. They are going to work harder than they have ever worked before but this will be energized by the Grace of God. They are few, but the Lord will give them powerful ways of being able to do 3, 4 or even 5 times more than they have ever done. They need to be told about this so that they don’t start feeling sorry for themselves.  


Trade and manufacturing

(ac)God is bringing a much stronger tie between South Africa and the rest of its neighboring countries and the rest of the African countries. More focus will be placed on the fact that South Africa needs to do business with the African countries than with countries abroad.  This pertains to import. Regulations regarding taxes and duties between the African countries and South Africa as well as trade relations will be revisited.  Establishing of South African businesses in other African countries will increase because of the business environment in South Africa becoming more and more uncomfortable. 

More and more mines in South Africa will start to move into the other African countries, scale down their activities in South Africa and even close down their mines. 

More and more SA business will see themselves as part of Africa and function accordingly. 

There are visionaries and apostolic people that are starting to understand Gods purposes for South Africa and Africa and are pioneering a new way. 

God has been introducing His vision into Africa. Proverbs 28:18 " Where there is no vision (no redemptive revelation of God) the people perish. but he that keeps the law of God (which include that of man), blessed (happy, fortunate and enviable) is he."

Many of Gods children, pioneers especially, started realizing Gods plan and purposes for Africa. This made them understand that, despite the visible things that are happening, God is busy with a secret work. It's important that the children of God get informed about what God is saying, what His plan is and what His secret work is. The visionaries need to start sharing Gods vision for business, community and the church.

The vision that God has for business cannot be separated from ministry anymore. An understanding needs to be developed that the children of God need to live past the boundaries of their church walls and businesses. We cannot separate business from community. We cannot separate community from business. We cannot separate church from community or community from church. The three are intertwined with one another. 

The gifts in the Bible are not just applicable in your church life but in all aspects of life. 

An emphasis will be placed on developing an understanding amongst the saints about these aspects and creating an educational tool to impart into the children of God. The visionaries and pioneers need to drive this process.

Many people have received received the seed of Gods vision. They think, because they have received the seed of the vision they already have a tree. But the tree first has to germinate and grow. For that to happen there needs to be a watering that takes place. God has placed this seed, that needs to grow, in the hearts of the people. He wants to release His cleansing water over the people to wash and purify their minds and hearts. This process will water the seed. 

There are two aspects of the water process:

1.The water causes a cleansing of the mind (the way we see things and what we believe).

2.Cleansing of the heart.

1 Corinthians 15:36 "You foolish man! Every time you plant seed, you sow something that does not come to life [germinating, springing up, and growing] unless it dies first."

John 12:24 "I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains [just one grain; it never becomes more but lives] by itself alone. But if it dies, it produces many others and yields a rich harvest."

There is a vision that God planted into our hearts but we first of all need to die to ourselves and our mindsets and the way we think the vision should play out. This is what needs to happen during this season of cleansing and watering. We will be challenged by the conditions of our hearts. By killing off our own ideas in our hearts, the seed of Gods vision will start to germinate. For some it will feel like their vision is dying. This will be part of the process that God is taking them through.

A lot of international business expertise will start coming to South Africa from 2012 to equip businesses and enterprises. At the same time South African businesses and enterprise will start seeing the need to mentor and equip other African countries' business people. There will be an increasing number of South Africans that will start to consult businesses in other African countries.

During the difficult economic climate more and more Africans will start to look towards themselves for solutions and answers and not so much to the first world countries anymore. Great entrepreneurial grace will be released over South Africa and other African countries in 2012. Because of this special grace that will be released over Africa and South Africa, many like minded people will come to Africa from Europe and other first world countries to combine their passion and ideas with the entrepreneurial spirit in Africa.

There are people in first world countries with great entrepreneurial passion but because of the places they stay in, there is no space for them to live this passion. For this reason they will be drawn to Africa to practice their passion with the Africans. 

Simple, cheap and functional solutions to things like energy, food supply, industry, technology and infrastructure will develop and grow successfully on this continent. This is the start of a new growth in Africa that, in the near future, will enable Africa to start exporting it's own technology to the rest of the world.

Some of the small business (including the clothing industry) in the South African industry will start to receive international recognition that they don't even get recognition for in South Africa. Because of this they will start to get noticed in South Africa. These small businesses will start becoming viable competition for the bigger brands.

(pb)Business in South Africa will be used to stabilize the SA ship. Politically we are going to go through some turmoil whilst business will let sanity prevail. Business will create the boundaries within which the political system can function. The political system is very aware of this in spite of all the noises they make. This is something the Lord has put in place for the next  season of approximately 5 years. The political system will not try to fiddle with the business realm because they know they are treading on very delicate ground. Apart from anything else, they think that the business realm is their provider. 

The way in which we do things, the mindsets behind the actions are very important. We cannot go into Africa with our "Boere maniere" (Afrikaner mindsets and ways). This needs to be communicated to the business realm - they have to be told that a new mindset is extremely important. It has to be expressed on a continual basis. They are not to walk in with old resources and mindsets. A lot of proclamation has to come to the business sector with regards to this. This should not be tackled with a pick-axe but rather a jackhammer as they are so stubborn and set in their ways. This has to continue until they are in a submissive state. Most of them are not in a position or attitude of submission to one another and far from it towards anybody else. 


2012 will be a year of engagement. There will be a platform of true communication between the labour unions and business. Cosatu and the different unions will become more of an ally than an enemy to manufacturing and trade industries. This may be because of outside pressure but it will be real engagement. 

Banking industry

(ac)One of the big Nigerian banks are going to do a play in South Africa.  Expansion is going to take place in the banking sector in Africa.  Some of the cellphone companies might launch unique internet banking solutions in the other African countries that has never been seen before in those countries. This will open up a whole new market for how Africans do their banking. This might be a South African cell phone company that will spearhead this process. This new facility in African countries will revolutionize banking in those countries as cell phone technology revolutionized communication when it was first introduced. 

Weaknesses are going to appear in ABSA bank in the middle of 2012. This will be the first signs. It seems that ABSA will have a difficult future.

There will be a bank that will change the surety they use. Their surety will only be fixed to gold and agriculture. This will be a stable and unusual bank system that gives people assurance that their money and bank is safe. 

See a picture of a bank branch. A sword came and cut the branch in half. Branches will shrink and many staff will be laid off. Greater focus will be placed on electronic services and electronic banking. 

(pb)Banks will experience pressure, especially on their exorbitant fees. They will have to rebook at it due to the intense pressure levied on them. They will realize that these fees are not helping their growth and it is stifling the economy. Towards the end of 2012 they are going to revise their strategies and become a lot more friendly toward the consumer and especially their existing clients. 


(ac)Somewhere during 2012 there will be a scare regarding food supply and agriculture (national or international) that will cause the government to change their strategy over agriculture and food supply. The government will also stop the import of certain products. This will cause a lot of controversy (for instance the import of cheap milk that threatens the South African milk industry). Their motivation for taking these steps will be to promote the South African industry rather than importing these products cheaply. 

The South African government will also start looking across their borders to other African countries and support, work together with these countries in agriculture and importing and exporting these products within the African context.

Community farming will become bigger and more viable.  On the outskirts of townships and rural areas there will be pieces of community ground that doesn't belong to one person but to the whole community. Individual community members receive allotments on this communal ground on which they can grow their own crops and farm. Government will buy pieces of land and give to the community to make use of it in this manner. Land will not be re-appropriated by giving it to one individual but it will be given to a community and property will be used as mentioned above. Sewage will be used in the farming process in stead of using expensive chemicals.  Farmers markets will become more popular in 2012. These markets will not be exclusively for the organic niche market. Small towns will also start up farmers market where locals can come and sell their produce. This will start a small scale economy that makes it affordable for even the lower income people to buy their everyday produce. Some products (like tomatoes and lettuce) will become so commonly available that the big supermarkets will be challenged in their sales of these products. Because of the growth of these small markets and small producers there will be people that move out of the big cities back to the rural areas where they can live off the ground again.

Regarding the fishing industry in South Africa: The government is going to become stricter with regulating fishing. In 2012 certain types of fish that were allowed to be caught in the past will not be allowed anymore. And certain areas where fisherman were allowed to catch fish will be off limits now. The government will be pro active in this regard because of the international situation. Poaching of fish in South African waters will become a big problem and receive a lot of attention in 2012.

Chicken will become a very affordable and successful product. There will be an expansion of chicken farming in South Africa.

(pb)Agriculture is a very humble vocation. It is most often overlooked and it's importance totally underestimated. In 2012 a start to the understanding of the position of agriculture will be discerned. There will be a reversal of roles. Many people think that mining (for instance) has the ability to unlock economy. Within the African context the establishment of good farming units will unlock the potential ability to mine in certain areas. It is a reordering of things. First of all there will be the production of food in an area which will draw the people to feed and this will address the ability to mine. It is important that the humble attitude is maintained - working fields humbly and continue pushing through certain barriers with a productive capability. 

Cabinet is in a quandary about the state of agriculture in SA versus the land grabbing. They know if they push this to far they are going to leave a hungry nation and that will deplete their ability at the polls to stay in power. This may be a bigger threat to them staying in power than meeting the demands for land transfer. In 2012 a tipping point will come in which they will not overly pursue the demands for land anymore but rather pursue the countries ability to produce food thus ensuring stability. This is probably the issue that concerns them more than any other factor in the country. 

Farmers need to go through a period of storage of produce for leaner years and they must stay in the production cycle, not necessarily trying to convert the produce into cash because you and your animals cannot eat money. 


(ac)There is going to be a lot of 'tug of war' continuing between the media and the government in 2012. This will continue until a new equilibrium is found. The media is going to learn a measure of humility. Different medias will come together to either create a new body or to bring the current media bodies together to create stronger relationships with one another, to work together and create an environment of transparency and accountability.

The public is going to reach a saturation point regarding the content of media (on television etc.). They will start voicing their discontent and disagreement with subject matter as it does not represent who the people are or believe in. 

There will be a debacle around a well known newspaper that the government will want to close down because of mismanagement and corruption. But the main motivation behind this will be politically driven. 

The power of the social networks and media will be seen in 2012. More and more people will voice their feelings and opinions. Information will be communicated in the social media that will contradict the traditional media (i.e. newspapers, television, radio etc.). 

Social media television will come to the fore in 2012. It will become the alternative independent source to the current media as it's agenda will differ from the established media agenda. Individuals will produce content solely for this social media television platform. Because of its social network format it will become the quickest and easiest way of receiving news and information. Many people will stop watching the news on television as the alternative information on the social media network will be more reliable.

Other subscription TV is coming to South Africa. This new player in television will be a big company from another country (possibly India) that will deliver television channels connected with broadband data packages. This service will be strongly linked with the expansion of broadband data access and pricing in South Africa. This pricing and package will be very competitive and cause a stir in the market.

The church

(ac)Departments at churches are going to shrink due to economic constraints and for functional reasons. Big worship teams will also shrink out of necessity and also because of something God is doing. 

Pastors start looking to doing business. Thus not just full time pastoring anymore. God is moving many pastors into business because He is preparing them for a whole new way of functioning. 

If the church does not become training centered and community centered in 2012 it will lose its effectiveness. 

More churches are going to start to work together to share resources. Rural congregations will start to receive training that usually were only available in the big city churches in the past.

Seeing more dilapidated churches in 2012. The reason for this is: congregations closing down and some churches not using their facilities as much as they did in the past.

A greater spiritual hunger in, especially, the rural community than before even though churches will be closing down.

People will start looking at other technologies. Churches will start to change their strategies. Churches will start television programs. Internet radio stations will become a viable option to reach people in a cheap and effective way. More internet resources will be used in 2012 to reach people. A lot of individuals will get their spiritual sustenance through these new medias than having to be at a church service every Sunday or having to go to a church facility for teaching.

pb)The church is as we know it is going to morf. It is about metamorphism - changing shape. We are in a similar season as when Martin Luther changed the whole way in which the church functioned - it may not be as dramatic, yet similar. It does not hinge on one man this time but on the whole Body of Christ moving into a newness. 2012 is a year for existing organizational structures - which we call "church" - to re-evaluate where they are at. The Lord will speak to the Church first as to the implementation of change as they are to lead the realms of business and government. The issue at hand is: How are we going to equip the Church effectively. Laborers need to be sent out - it is not about warming the pew. It' s not about getting people into the structures, it's about getting them out and getting them out in their droves. South Africa is one of the greatest missionary nations on the face of the earth and this demand is going to increase and not decrease. There is a whole support structure that must come into place behind this. This is why the Lord is speaking to the business community in parallel - a wider concept and participation than just keeping a community afloat is at hand. The result of participation in this process is that the local community will be in a far, far stronger position financially than they have ever been. The Lord wants them to see if they can be trusted with this outreach. Somewhere the funds have to culminate in a joint vision. The term missionary does not just refer to a full time career choice but refers more to the heart thereof. Previously a lot of time was spent on "getting people in", whereas now the focus is the equipping of the saints to do the work of the ministry. A lot of energy was also wasted in trying to keep people "in" the church structure - this was not by design of God but carnal. What "church" may not understand is that the more they get people out functioning, the more people are going to come in. There is a huge prosperity for the church of through flow or through-put of people in 2012. For those who take God's Word seriously and equipping the saints seriously, this will be true. God is going to nip control in the bud. We will see groups diminish where there  is too much of a control factor over the people versus a releasing factor. The little church on the corner that has not been there for a long time but has the heart to equip people and send them out will suddenly explode in growth and onlookers will be amazed. This growth comes from the Lord and the key to it is the releasing factor. 

The fear of man will also be addressed. 2012 is not going to be a comfortable year for the church because it was never designed to be a comfortable place. The Lord has spoken to many people over the years to start moving and they haven't done it. Some of it may have been because the season was not right, but that season is changing very rapidly. Fear has hamstrung many people and it will remain so unless they make a decision to move. Two sides of the same coin are, on one side, hospitality at home and the other side the ability to move. We will be utterly amazed at how many people are prepared to take on the call and walk out in this vocation. We have a responsibility to encourage the weak and tottering ones in their endeavors to walk out their call. The Lord is not looking for mature believers to do this, He is looking for the willing. Maturity has nothing to do with this equation and is not an excuse for either those needing to release or those needing to move. Our natural tendencies will be to draw the immature back to first be trained whilst not realizing that they are being trained in the school of practical experience. We will have to revamp the way we judged people with regards to this previously because the Lord is training them. We should not stand aloof but be an encouragement to them and give them some of our tools that can help them along their own route of discovery. 

The flip side of the uncomfortable times the church is going to go through is ENJOYMENT. The warning is against rigidity. The church has been exposed to too much rigidity throughout the years and people who think they have got systems down to a tee. The Lord wants to bring in an enjoyment factor that could almost seem unholy to us. This is the Lord's way of rewarding the church through the uncomfortable decisions they are going to have to make. An example: People are going to feel sent to a place to minister. This is a sacrifice to them, but when they get their they are really going to enjoy it. It's not going to be through discipline, it's going to be through enjoyment. If we bring in the discipline factor too soon in the youth we will utterly destroy their spirit. 

Church in Europe

(ac)God is doing a secret work. There is a much greater need and searching for God than there has been for a while. There is a hunger for more in life than they have experienced. There will still be small groups but at conferences with foreign speakers the gatherings will see hundreds and thousands of people. Only then will you realize what God is doing. It is also a season in which Europe is much more open to receive foreigners to come and equip, share, minister and impart into the European believers.

There are individuals and people that propagate themselves as the fathers of the church but they haven't  got the heart of fathers. Many are propagating themselves as the apostles of the church. Some of them tried to force the 'apostolic mandate' (or what they believe it to be) onto other people in the body of Christ by telling them how (they think) things should function and by doing that they are actually controlling and manipulating people. In 2012 God is going to start dealing with this situation by exposing the self proclaimed apostles through what is happening behind the scenes. A dismantling of many apostolic networks will start taking place and only the true apostolic will remain that will portray the true apostolic heart as it suppose to be.

World affairs


Pertaining to a vision of Wally de Bruyn of a dragon breathing fire and taking another breath to breathe fire again: There was a previous administration in China that had a plan and a strategy, towards the USA specifically, that they have executed. But there is coming a change in the administration and its policies and thus they are planning on changing their strategy before moving again.

(pb)China is nowhere near the big threat to the world that everyone is making it out to be. 


(ac)There is coming a further weakening in the government of America. People are relying on the government to care for them. This will be part of a process to facilitate change in the American populations mindset.

I saw a vision of the western coast of America (especially California with cities like San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco) breaking off of the rest of America and becoming a separate island. This might mean that this part of America will differ from the rest of the USA when it comes to planning, strategy etc.. There will be a different voice speaking for that part of America than the voice speaking for the rest of America. This might indicate an economic and/or geographic breaking off for that area. Economically it could point to the economic crunch in America which will not affect the West coast economy.

(pb)We are not done with the USA. The Lord really has His hand on that nation. They will go through a difficult stage in which a lot of things will be stamped out, but we will see a resurgence of this nation. Their vibrancy will return and will be especially evident in their love towards God. There are few nations that have such a combined passion for the Lord. They've had this from their inception as a nation and that constitution will not be moved to one side. God will see that these constitutional things are established as they come through many witnesses over many centuries. This move will come toward the latter part of 2012. There will be a lot of reason to doubt and to falter but we need to hold on to what the Lord has said about the USA. We must also speak positively about that nation because that nation is important to the stability in the world. A lot has been spoken of the earthquake in the California area. This has a duality in terms of economy and structure. The feeling is that a lot of this western part of USA going down south and including Texas will have a whole new way of thinking and doing things. 

South Korea and Japan

(ac)More turmoil will continue between North Korea and South Korea. Because of this turmoil Japan will become involved. Through this involvement of Japan the relationships between Japan and South Korea will improve considerably. 

Egypt and Libya

In 2012 there is going to be a strong move from the Muslim Brotherhood and extreme muslims to get a hold on the new governments and intrench their muslim thinking and doing. This is something that needs to be prayed into to see Gods will be done within these countries.

Italy and Greece

Many natural disasters in these areas.

God wants to teach us as the prophetic people that we have authority over the elements of nature. We can petition (on the command of God) to bring a drought or bring rain. God is busy training us to speak into nature what He has purposed to happen. Sometimes God will make the earth move and shake to speak to the people. He's purpose is never to kill, steal or destroy.


In 2012 there will be huge increases of investment from Brasil into Africa. Brasil seems to be a country that slumbers, but in reality is amazingly awake. This makes them look to invest in places that are slumbering. They have the ability to see potential in places. They will be specifically involved in South Africa, Mozambique and Angola and at a later stage in the DRC. This flood of investment will be very very good and should be warmly accepted. The only warning is that their modus operandi is completely different to ours. Their way of working is not negative but rather extremely positive in the African context. We must follow their lead and not try to bully them because "we've lived in Africa and this is how it works". 

We must follow their lead because they have a very specific gifting from God with regards to ways of operation with people that is productive. 


There is a sense that Australia is on the verge of a revival. There is something happening in the underlying spirit realm and we will see the start of this dynamic becoming visible in 2012. This will amaze us because we think Australia is not very spiritual. There is a very strong link between us and Australia as well as South America. 

The Southern Hemisphere countries are becoming increasingly important in terms of the targeting of the Gospel and the carrying out of the Gospel. The European Union countries are very important to us and God will be sending more and more people from South Africa and our region as well as Australia and the South Americas into the European Union. We need to start preparing people for increased travel into the European Union. 

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