Dear Reader; 

These Prophetic words are a compilation of revelations received by several prophets under the auspices of Crocus Ministries ( and Emmanuel Church ( during a special time set apart to seek the Lord for His word and guidance for 2012. This group got together on the 22nd October 2011. Though the words contained in this document were specifically received as we prayed for 2012, they are by no means limited to the year 2012. We believe that much of what was received may start in this coming year but their ultimate fulfilment might happen in the time set by the Lord as we partner with Him.

Our Specific goal was to pray and hear what God is saying for South Africa and the Church and Government of this nation. Our Layout is as follows;


  • Government
  • Safety and security
  • Sport


  • Trade and Manufacturing
  • Unions
  • Banks


  • Finance
  • 2012
  • Home - South Africa
  • Uttermost parts of the earth


  • Nations
  • Warnings
  • Notes

Please read the words contained in this document prayerfully and allow the Holy Spirit to speak into your heart for God’s will in your life during this coming year.


A New Voice:

During our time of prayer the Lord gave a specific word: There is a group of important people together shaking their heads in confusion. They are leaders of the Nation that rely on advice from each other, but are all in confusion. The person *Moeletsi Mbeki has clarity. He has an open door with this group of leaders. He will bring an accurate clear word of advice that is not very long. 

At the moment this man is an irritation to the powers that be. He is just planting seeds, but those seeds are going to start developing. He has a more balanced opinion that has to do with the ability of the different groups to be able to submit to one another. He already has a strong support group. This is still in a hidden phase. 

* Please read the section under notes on the last page for information on Moeletsi Mbeki.

Changes will come:

We believe that there will seem to be a move to greater transparency in 2012, but this “transparency” is only going to be window-dressing.  In this process a lot of issues will come up that the Government did not want to address in the past but will be forced to address now. This will be a grace period from the Lord for the current leaders of the nations. Those who correct their ways in this season will receive the grace to lead in the next. A new understanding will come in the Government’s role to serve the people and not rule over them.

We believe that we are two years into this process and there will be at least another five years before the “window- dressing” period will end. The nation will have a greater clarity over time, but we must not get impatient during the process. A balance in our diversity has to develop - each group has to re-acknowledge the gifting in the other group.  

A vision was seen of the people in government. They were seated. Certain people were removed and in a type of spring action, they would suddenly just reappear somewhere else after being removed. They are not really being removed - it is only window-dressing. It is deceptive. They are being shifted to other positions.

A vision of a three lane highway becoming a two lane highway, of which one lane forked off from the main highway, was seen. We believe it represents the current Government coalition. The current government coalition of the ANC, SACP and COSATU will come under increasing pressure. Ultimately there will be a breaking away of one of these parties from the current coalition.

There is going to be turmoil in the next election. People will be discouraged. Every time they choose a leader they will try to remedy the situation. There is going to be a lot of movement and turmoil in politics, bringing change for the people in SA. People that are disciplined will just re-appear later in a different position. They are just being shuffled around. There will be a lot of shuffling of people, but it will have no real effect. We need to pray specifically for the decision-makers in exposing the level of corruption as the Lord requires.

People are making wrong decisions because they are not effectively informed. We should specifically pray that the Lord will expose the works of darkness to the Light within the current political system. Much of the witchcraft within the present system will become blatantly obvious and may even be flaunted. This is no cause for alarm as it is being exposed. The exposure of the witchcraft must not cause a flurry of prayer activity – further such exposure is what is required hence the word “exposure.” The heart of the Father is to expose the works of Satan so as to make it powerless.

True Servants:

We felt that since the inception of the democratic government in 1994, there have been true servants within government. They are in the range of 40 years old now. It is their redemptive call. They are there to do the work and they have been working extremely hard. When politics gets shuffled around nobody notices them. They are in their offices doing the work that is supposed to be done. They get a new boss, go through all the changes and see the wrong things that are taking place.  Their hearts are just to serve. Pray for the protection of their callings as well as their hearts. They will continue through into the new governments as well, as these changes inevitably take place. There is an old guard serving who do not like the spotlight.  

Julius Malema:

We felt that he is at the end of his term and he is not going to go into a new term. He is going to leave politics. People will be relieved to see him go. Malema will go into business and become very important in this arena. He may be out of politics, but he will still be around.

Key Leaders from the Church:

Governmental leaders in the church of Jesus Christ are being raised. They will speak into governmental structures and will bring leadership. The Lord is setting up SA for a very specific phase which will accommodate and facilitate a harvest of a lot of souls. The unrighteousness of the past apartheid system could not facilitate God’s Glory. The Lord first brought freedom and now we are in a balancing process, then we will see God’s Glory.

A Vision was seen of people standing in the parliament buildings praying. They were not ordained ministers yet interceded in the facility. The Lord has seen the prayer of His people and His light is coming into the parliament buildings as they gather. God sees the nation and sees the disarray. He brings His leadership in. We will see a lot of key leaders, men and women, in the nation coming from the church (the saints).


We will need to be wise and continue to be vigilant throughout 2012. Make sure that you have good security systems. God is going to give people really good ideas on how to secure their places. You cannot, you just cannot go and say “oh the Lord will protect me” while He gives you a very practical way of securing your property by, for instance, putting an electric fence around your house. He is trying to protect us in a very practical way and we should be obedient to it.  

Security Industry:

2012 will be a very strong year for the security industry. God is going to address key problems within the security industry and flush out the criminal elements so that security within SA becomes an industry with a good name and ethics. This combination will deliver a really, really good service. There is going to be a huge change in this arena.


The Lord wants to start healing the wound of the head of the police. It is a grievous wound and will take some time to heal but definite steps will be taken to see to it that this wound is healed in 2012. A vision of a change in uniform is seen. The uniform is white. This means that God is going to start bringing back righteousness as a standard, which is taken on as a culture, a way of living. The fact that they have it on says that this is what they want to be. God wants to bring in that standard, a different standard than what was in the past. These people want to see righteousness being established in the police system and so God will do things to bring that forth.

There will be a re-vamping of the current police system. God will raise up a new leader within the policing community. This will not be someone brand new, but rather someone that is known in the policing system. 

A Vision was seen of policemen that are in handcuffs. During this next year the actual policemen and women that are involved in crime will be exposed and are going to be treated as criminals. 

The Lord said that we have to put our trust increasingly in Him and not in people that are supposed to be securing and policing us.

Pray for our Children:

In this next year the Lord is specifically warning the church to pray and take care of her children. There is an onslaught of the enemy on the up-coming generation. Parents watch and pray for your children. Be very vigilant and watch over them. Violence against children will be a strategy of satan to destroy young lives and families. 


Housing will become a major issue in the next year especially as the Government has not delivered on their promises. There will be an escalation of violence surrounding housing, culminating in a major crisis. It will become a headache for the government to address resulting in serious consequences.


The Lord is cleaning the table and in all sports. This will be a clean sweep. We will see a lot of new faces, a lot of new talent and new sporting disciplines coming in. In 2012 this arena will go through a lot of shuffling and then it will settle for a long season.

South Africa will develop in new areas of sport and a lot of financing will be released for that. There are people that have been trained by God over many years but they’ve been standing on the back burner. This is the year of release for them. 

Sport programs

Implementing sporting programmes in the schools will happen a lot more than has been done before. The love for sport is going to come from the children, start from primary school. In 2012 many schools that had no sporting programme will have one. Simple things such as athletics, running and netball will flourish.

2012 is an important year for developing children in sport. This is not for the worship of man but for the development of a generation in skills. God says less hot air and more building of substance. 

Pray for the people with the skills to develop children in sport, for the people that will stand up and train them. There was a whole group of equippers that were trained in the 1980’s and 90’s that have disappeared off the radar screen. We must pray for them to return.

Individuals in sports are going to stand up and start making a difference in community projects. Where everybody was looking at the government to implement projects, eyes are going to start opening up realising that we can do it ourselves. Local community members who are either sports fans or who were involved in sports to some degree or other will start to getting involved. They will volunteer to teach the children these skills. They won’t even be famous, but there will be an action among the community that says: “we can do it; we don’t have to look at government.” This will flow over to other parts of the community and broader society. South Africans will increasingly realise that they can’t look to government to get things done, but would rather stand up and start making a difference themselves.

Investing into Sport

In 2012 a seed will start germinating and take root involving many new and unusual sporting disciplines, including disciplines nobody ever thought applicable to South Africa. They will become visible in the next two years and we are going to see South Africans excel in them. This will take the world by surprise. 


Trade and manufacturing:

The Business sector will be used by God to stabilise the nation.  Politically we are going to go through many rough patches even though we have been through much already. The Lord is using business in SA to create certain boundaries within which the political system can function and they are very, very aware of it. This in spite of all the noises made about business. This is something that the Lord has put in place for the next year to five year season during which the political realm might become rather turbulent.  Political leaders and figureheads won’t really risk or fiddle too much with the business realm. There will be a focus on stabilising business in SA. SA will be a safe place for international business to invest in, especially from the middle of 2012. 

Clothing and Fabric Industry;

In the clothing and fabric industry small businesses will get a lot more international exposure.  The products that they are producing presently, without much recognition, will suddenly start to flourish in South Africa and get recognition. South Africa will start to become a viable competitor for some of the bigger brands.

Importing products will become very expensive. This will cause a positive upturn for these local businesses. 

Having Vision

Many people have received a seed of Gods vision but they think because they have received a seed of Gods vision, there is already a tree. The seed must first germinate and grow. For that to happen there needs to be a watering that takes place.  A vision of a planted seed was seen followed by pure water flowing down from heaven over the mind and heart of man. This water cleanses and purifies. There’s been a season whereby God implanted His vision, dream and purposes for SA and Africa on the hearts of visionaries and pioneers. It is now a watering season of which cleansing and purifying is a part.

A further vision was seen in which recycling of resources was seen. The same ideas, money and principles are continually recycled, over and over again. The old ideas or the old resources are not going to last very long anymore. The Lord is saying we need to start looking at new ways and even new resources to do things. We can’t be in a position that we start businesses on loaned money. This same resource has been used over and over again and we can’t do that anymore. 

There was a very strong sense that the manufacturing and trade industry will come under increasing pressure in the next year because of high input costs. A crisis with ESKOM looms in the next year with regard to this and arbitration may be necessary between the manufacturing industry and the energy regulator in South Africa. 

Reaching Africa

God has been talking to us prophetically during the past few years that business in some specific industries in SA will become uncomfortable. This is so that South Africans will start looking across the borders of SA. We will see a lot more of this happening in 2012. 

A lot of international business expertise will come to South Africa from next year onwards to influence and equip South African business and enterprise. At the time South African business and enterprise will become aware of the need for mentors in the rest of Africa. Business will put training programmes in place to train people in other countries. African business people are also being trained here in South Africa. 

During 2012 an understanding of what we as South Africans can contribute, teach and give to the other African countries will emerge. Many more South Africans will start consulting business in other African countries. Due to this difficult economic crisis, South Africans and Africans will increasingly start looking for their own solutions to problems instead of looking to the first world countries. Great entrepreneurial grace will be released upon South Africa and Africa in 2012. Because of this entrepreneurial spirit of South Africa and Africa, many likeminded people from Europe and other first world countries will come to Africa and combine their passion and ideas with the entrepreneurial spirit in Africa.

Simple, cheap and effective solutions to problems like energy, food supply, industry, technology and infrastructure will develop and grow successfully on this continent. This is the start of a new growth in Africa that will, in the near future, cause Africa to be able to export her own technology to the rest of the world.

Energy Problems

The manufacturing and the trade industry will come under increasing pressure in the next year because of high costs. A Specific Energy Price crisis with ESKOM in the next year will put many manufacturers under serious pressure. Please pray for Godly intervention into the energy price hikes. 


The unions will lose much of their grip. In 2012 we are going to see smaller marches. Where they call for a million workers to march only two hundred will turn up. They will have to re-think their strategies and the way they are managing the unions. The unions have to become manufacturer friendly, rather than seeing the manufacturer as the enemy.  In 2012 we are going to hear of these changes.

2012 is going to be a year of engagement whereby the Unions are going to be prepared to talk to the separate industries versus making demands. A platform of true communication will come into place causing COSATU and the different unions to become more of an ally than an enemy to industry. Pressure from both the current economic crisis and their members will cause an easing off in demands. A lot more engagement and real communication between them and the employers will take place.

At Government level regulations will be put in place to limit the power of the unions. The unions will become more prominent in 2012. They may be more visible but less effective. 


The Banking industry in South Africa is going to experience pressure this coming year especially due to the exorbitant fees charged for services. They are going to have to re-evaluate and the Major Banks are going to revise their pricing structure and become a lot more friendly towards the consumer.  

In the middle of next year one of the major banks in South Africa will call in their home loans. Many people will be required to make outstanding payments. This is a warning to the people that have bonds to update their payments.

The red tape that there is in transferring money from one country to another in Africa is actually God protecting Africa. 

A vision was seen (in likeness to Nebuchadnezzar’s dream) whereby the Lord is starting to talk to the men and women in positions of authority in the banks through dreams. Contents of these dreams disturb them, prompting them to bring change and right the wrongs within the banking system. 



God is using this financial crunch to His advantage. He is trimming the finances of the church so that they can’t expand where He has not told them to expand and they can’t send someone that He is not sending. A sifting is happening between the true and the false.  Many leaders have positioned themselves within the structured church as the pastor when they should actually be missionaries or bible school leaders. They should not be the pastor of a church “managing” the church and finances. They will be repositioned with more accuracy to fulfil their calling. 

The Lord is going to address specific issues where resources are being wasted.  Government regulations will also become stricter with regard to how money is spent in such a structure. The church needs a lot of wisdom so that there will not be wastefulness. The church structure and the flow of the finances in the church will become leaner. It will become more streamlined and responsive. There will be a greater flexibility as to where money is spent and where it comes from.

Church is going to start working together and share resources.  Rural congregations will start to receive the training that is generally available only to the big city churches. A changing of strategies will occur in 2012.  Many churches will start internet radio stations. 

South Africa Church-2012

Called to equip and send:

God is speaking to the church first about her function to minister - we need to equip effectively so that labourers can be sent out.  He does not need more people coming in as pew warmers. The focus will not be about getting people into the church, but about getting them out. South Africa is primarily one of the greatest missionary nations on the face of the earth. That is not going to decrease, it is going to increase. 

There is a whole support structure that must come into place behind this and that is why God is speaking strongly to the business community. The wider concept of church and the sending out of people is going to be addressed. It is more than just trying to keep the local community afloat. The result will be that the local community will be in a far stronger position financially than in the past. 

It has been very difficult for people to give into a joint vision. Missionaries are not the only fulltime people.  Many, who have a heart for it, are just regular people. God wants to bring people into a congregation, but not keep them there. The church is morphing and changing into a place where growth is determined by the degree to which the saints are being equipped to do the work of the ministry outside the church.

Huge prosperity will come to the church in terms of those who allow a through-flow of people and take what God is saying about equipping the saints very seriously. There will be a total, complete influx.  The Lord wants control to be nipped in the bud.  Groupings will diminish where there is a control factor and not a releasing factor. The little congregation on the corner where the leader has been releasing people and they have not been seen to grow will suddenly start exploding. People will ask where the growth has come from - it comes from the Lord and the key to it is the releasing and equipping factor, equipping and releasing.

Return to the Original Call- True Shepherds:

Huge changes are to come in people’s thinking. We will go back to the prophecy of our original calling. The Lord says He is going to blow a fresh wind through the church and it is going to be the wind of His Spirit and with that He is going to take away all the debris and all the rituals that we have developed and nurtured. Many rituals are going to be washed out and there is going to be a genuine sincerity that is coming in the church. God says He will raise up and draw out the pastoral side of men and women of God. Once again, He will turn their face to the flock. Once again they will begin to love the people and not see them as numbers, someone who can plant a church or fill a department. They are going to see them again as the sheep. The Lord is saying:” I am the Good Shepherd and I have raised many shepherds”. 

They don’t like the shepherd’s calling so they become evangelist, planters, driven and visionaries and they have forgotten that they must just love the sheep. God is bringing those people back to just caring for and loving the sheep, because the sheep have been neglected, much neglected. I just see them sitting with their heads hanging and not knowing who to turn to and who to go to. There are a few shepherds but not enough. There is always a remnant; that value what God has invested in these men and women and He is not getting back from them what He has invested. This is a time for calling up the investment; He wants a good return on His investment in us.

Healing for the wounded:

Over the last decade a lot of people were wounded and derailed from their callings. In 2012 God will start to bring healing and restoration to the callings and release people into their dreams of many years ago. This time it will only be God that does it. 

Those who could only answer their call outside the structures of the church will have open doors to flow back into the structured church without the restrictions of the past. In the churches there will be openness and a hunger for life that will be the prerequisite for them. There will be a God given rising of the degree and focus of holiness in the church. 


God wants to help Leaders invest into a team that are put around them. It’s not just about doing what they are called to do, but to do it connected with a team around them. We saw a black and white congregation, a rich and a poor congregation come together and form the church. Even though they were on two campuses they became one. In the past a group would grow and establish another group even though they did not really come together. Now an oneness will permeate them.

Increased Influence:

This is a season for church leaders to focus on and to have an influence on political leaders. God is going to create new opportunities and the leaders must be ready .They must be especially ready with a word from God by praying for governmental and sectorial leadership. The main aim is to influence that part of society, but not through human ability.  First just have the spiritual influence and when God opens up the doors the rest will follow. 

God’s face shining:

 The Lord is going to give us a capacity to reach different crowds and different people. In a vision an angel was seen coming down from heaven with a white sword and as he put the sword in the ground a scripture Psalm 31:16 was written on the sword. 

Ps. 31:16:“Make Your face shine upon Your servant; Save me for Your mercies’ sake.”NKJV

In 2012 we are going to see God’s face shine on our endeavours and Gods face will shine on His church. Because of God’s mercy we will see His Supernatural grace and blessing shine. 2012 will be an extraordinary year for the Church as grace will be poured out abundantly. We will see the genuine church coming to the fore. 

Restoration of youth:

It is a harvest season for the young - a lot of families will be coming to meetings with small kids. There are also many pregnant women and we will see a lot of little children. It is a season where we will see within the church of Jesus many new people coming in - new believers, new born Christians. God is also renewing a lot of the hearts of the people to become young again.  The Lord is restoring a youthfulness.    

Prophetic restoration:

In 2012 the Holy Spirit will establish a strong office of a prophet in the church. There have been prophetic moves and flows but the Lord is now restoring the prophetic voice in the church. That means a total different level of credibility. And this is not just in South Africa; this is a global work. 

The prophetic must love the apostolic and not want acceptance from the Apostles. There is a compromise in the prophetic by trying to be accepted all the time. The prophetic must fulfil their calling of being a credible voice of the Lord in and to His body. In the past there has been a wrong understanding of the prophetic. What is missing is love, the dimension of love. Love produces confidence and fear produces mistrust.

Prepare the House for guests:

The largest proportion of the harvest will start to come from the middle of 2012. We will start to see a lot of people turning back to the church. We therefore have a season to shake our feathers, get our house in order and clean because there are visitors coming. 

There is not a lot of time. The Lord is saying to prepare your homes for guests because He is sending a lot of people and we may have to accommodate them in our own homes. It will not always be the people that we think it will be, but those God is sending. 

The Orphan

The Lord is going to entrust the church in South Africa with the orphans of the nation. He will enquire and ask them about the orphans.  The Lord is saying: “I gave the spirit of fatherhood to My body and I want My body to manifest it to the orphans.” There will be a focus on the Father to the fatherless as well as the significance of the individual orphan. The issue of adoption is central in God’s heart for 2012 and beyond. 

Uttermost parts of the earth:


A lot of people are going to walk out of Islam. They are in prayer, kneeling down and then they actually stand up and walk out. There is a lot of turmoil in Islam and a lot is going to happen and change. It is like a whirlwind coming through.

Open Heaven experiences

There are intercessory groups that are praying for the revelation of the sons of God; the cry becomes a chant on the earth for the revelation of the sons. It is causing an open heaven effect in certain areas in Africa, specifically in Uganda, South Africa, Zambia and Tanzania. These will be the first countries to move in this total open heaven. There will be more manifestation of miracles and the Body will be much more visible in the market place.  God is taking the church through a time where He is healing minds and emotions.

Being Obedient

God has spoken to many people over the years to move and they haven’t moved. They haven’t walked out in what He has told them to. Some of it is because the season was not right, but that season is changing very rapidly. It was because of the fear of man and the fear of their circumstances. People have been hamstrung and they will remain hamstrung unless they make a decision to move. 

Two sides of the same coin:  One side is hospitality and the other is the ability to move and be hospitable to other nations.  This is not going to be comfortable.  Through this design (hospitality and enactment) tremendous growth will take place and we will be utterly amazed at how many people are prepared to heed the call. We will have the responsibility of encouraging those who are petering out and are very weak. God is not looking for mature believers to do this; maturity has nothing to do with this. He is just looking for people who are willing. We will find a lot of immature people out in the field and our natural tendency will be to draw them back so that we can train them first, but they are being trained by doing the work through the school of practical experience. The Lord is leading and training them. Where we previously became judgmental  of people who we felt went out and should not have gone out, we will have to revamp the way we look at that and become an encouraging  mechanism to them and help them with the tools we can give them along their route of discovery.

Army of young people:

There is a whole army of young people ready to take leadership positions, but because of their age and their training and equipping they are being overlooked. There is also a whole group of people that have fixed themselves to their positions, taking the place that these young people should come into. The Lord is going to engineer some new positions so that they can get into place and start becoming effective, so that when the church explodes they will be ready and they will be available. 

The Lord is going to use a lot of people in the market place to do the work of the ministry with the limited time that they have available. People with limited time can be very focussed. They can only give one night a week or two nights a week. That person’s whole focus goes into the two nights a week that he can give to the work of the Lord. The Lord is bringing some subtle changes in 2012; we are going to see them.

 The Widow and the Orphan:

Too much of the church finance is going into material possessions and it is not going into people and into furthering the Kingdom. Finance is being used to make the actual body and the place look good, the padded chairs, and the digital overhead and the upgraded sound system. We know that is all important but there has been too much emphasis on that. The Lord says a certain percentage of the finances must go to outreaches and “don’t forget the widows and the orphans, don’t forget the widow’s and the orphans!” If the churches would take a percentage of their income for the widows and orphans and not just sow when they can, the Lord will actually reward them by increasing the finances to accomplish other needs. 

 Youth Pastors:

The position of the youth pastor in church is seen as an optional extra, but the youth pastor has much more value than was thought before. More emphasis must go into the youth pastor as he is going to pastor the Youth and this will be very important in this next season. The youth pastor needs to be young and current and called to this ministry and not somebody that is available to put in there. It is important to choose the proper people. 

The flip-sides of a coin

A vision of the two sides of a coin: the one side of the coin is the discomfort that the church is going to go through in 2012; the flip side of that coin is enjoyment.  Beware of rigidity; the church has been exposed to too much rigidity throughout the years and people who think they’ve got systems organized. God wants to bring an enjoyment factor in that would almost seem unholy to us. It is His way of rewarding the church through the uncomfortable decisions that they are going to make. People are going to make a decision to travel somewhere because they feel they need to minister and it is a sacrifice to them. When they get there they are really going to enjoy it. It is not going to be through discipline, it is going to be through enjoyment and through the enjoyment the discipline will factor in. If we bring the discipline element in too soon, we will utterly destroy the spirit of the youth.


God is doing a secret work in the church in the North, especially Europe. There is a much greater need and desire and a searching of people in Europe at the moment for God than there has been for quite a while. They are aspiring to get more fulfilment in life and are starting to turn to the Lord. 

The work that God is doing is still secret and the groupings that come together are still small groups. Their regular meetings will not be visible in a big gathering; it will be driven by small groupings. They will have bigger conferences with guest speakers – this is when suddenly there will be hundreds and thousands of people pitching up out of seemingly nowhere. This is where we will recognise and see what God is busy doing.  Europe is opening up much more for people from the outside to come in and minister, equip, share and deposit something in the people’s hearts. 

World Affairs:

North Africa

The Lord says He is transforming North Africa and He is not finished yet. Although the Libyan leader has fallen and there have been other problems there, there are other northern nations where He is bringing down the sword and the hammer of the Word and He will have change. He has warned. He has rebuked. He sent prophets in. He sent intercessors in and they buried scriptures in the sand, rocks, caves and big walls. And the word will come to pass in 2012. Another North Africa nation is going to rise up and overthrow their longstanding leader.

Egypt and Libya

Egypt and Libya: In 2012 there is going to be a strong move from the Muslim brotherhood and the Muslim extremists to get a hold on the new governments and entrench their way of thinking and operation. This is something that we need to pray into so that it will not happen.         


Regarding the United States there was a sense of God’s love for this nation. There are mockers and scoffers who stand and judge and rebuke the United States. This nation is not finished. It has been going through tough times and it has grown fat with excess, greed and many things, but we must be careful not to judge. Rather watch and pray. This is a nation that God is still going to use.


Regarding China there is duplicity and a sense of confusion - an awareness of the dragon nation. Whilst the body of Christ is growing at a significant pace in this nation we need to be careful to watch and to be wise when we work with this nation.


There will be some more turmoil coming up next year between North Korea and South Korea. This will lead to some kind of mediation that will take place and I see Japan stepping in. The relationships between South Korea and Japan are getting better than it has been in a long time.


 There will be strong alliances that will be formed against Israel, like the alliance between Iran and Russia. There will be very aggressive conversations surrounding Israel and the Middle East. The Lord is calling the church to pray for Israel, to pray for the peace of Israel and not lose them out of your focus. 


There is going to be some kind of discovery there, over most of the country and it will actually attract a lot of people to that country.

Australia is on a verge of a revival, there is something happening in the underlying spiritual realm. It is going to amaze us because we think that Australia is not very spiritual. There is also a tremendous link between us and Australia as well as us and South America. The southern hemisphere countries are becoming increasingly important in terms of the targeting and the carrying out of the gospel. At the same time the European Union’s countries are becoming more and more important.  God will send more people from South Africa and these southern hemisphere regions into the European Union.


Brazil seems to have been overlooked, it is sort of sleeping in a way; like of a flower that is still in the budding stages but will come into full bloom. We are going to see a lot coming out of Brazil.


Iran is part of the Muslim world that is closed up and immoveable when it comes to Islam. The Lord gave a vision of a can that is being opened and the Lord says He is going to start opening that area in 2012. He is going to do it from the east, like opening a hard can, so that the life can flood in. It will be in such a way that you can’t prevent the light. The people on the ground will experience light coming into the country and it will be something that can’t be stopped because God wants to open up those closed nations.



Terrorist acts will escalate in the next year, specifically against consulates and consulate buildings. The Muslim extremist will step up next year. In 2011 they seemed to fall apart. It is the strategy of Satan to destroy the lives of people by bringing people into conflict with each other again. This will require a lot of prayer. 


The Lord specifically warned us that in 2012 we need to pray against weather catastrophes, especially destructive storms. The Middle East, India and Asia are most at risk. 


*Moeletsi Mbeki was born in 1945; he is a political economist and Deputy Chairperson of the International Affairs, an independent think tank. He is the younger brother of President Mbeki, himself an ANC leader, whom he frequently criticised. He has already written two books that are very critical of the condition of Africa and the condition of SA. 

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