A group of nine prophets came together in Pretoria, South Africa for two days in September.

We came from different parts of the country with the purpose of hearing God for the Nations and the Church. We met together expectantly as our God is always faithful to those who wait on Him. 

The accuracy of all the Prophetic Words can only be tested by time and watching and looking to see and hear what comes to pass.

The Prophetic Words below were the contribution of 


The full Prophetic Word from all nine prophets will be published in due course.


A. South Africa
B. Nations : 5 Continents

1. Europe
2. Americas – North and South
3. Australasia
4. Asia
5. Africa and Middle East

C. Global Church
D. Other



A woman will rise up in the Eastern Cape, feisty like Helen Zille and she is going to shape up the whole Eastern Cape.   She will become the Premier and bring changes and tighten things up. It is a very slow big ship to turn, so it will only turn slowly. When we see this woman elected, we must be positive and supportive, also in prayer because she is going to be very radical and not favoured by everybody. She will be like Malema, aggressive and aggravate everyone, get under everyone’s skin but she is going to get the job done.

There have been many pacts made between different Government parties and different people and also with the unions. They are regretting their pacts because they are stuck with what they have said. They are almost trapped in the unlawful covenants they made.  I see them drawing a line in the sand and saying change must come, we cannot walk together anymore. This will happen in the next year. It might be just before the election. There is going to be a blow up and some things are going to be uncovered. I see it splashed on the front pages of the papers. People will see the face of the person and gasp for air because it is such a shock. We do not expect that person to be busy with this kind of deal. What happens in the dark will be uncovered and God is going to shout it from the rooftops.

Education: There will be a new breed of inspectors: Inspectors were stopped from going into schools to do inspections but a new group is being brought out to inspect the schools. They are not going to be well received. They will be stoned and chased. The school gates will be locked. The pressure from the Education Department is going to get the breakthrough because of the need for schools to be inspected and overseen. Many people who should be out inspecting are sitting behind desks trying to just make phone calls and send e-mails. They are going to get out from behind their desks and have a visual look at what they should be inspecting. They are going to be given an increase in their salaries, risk money for what they do. That will make them inspectors out in field, it is not going to be a popular job but it is going to be worthwhile and necessary.

Human trafficking:  There is no extra or explosion of human trafficking but there is an increase in female prostitution.  Women will knowingly go into it and the motivation is poverty as they need money for their children. The surrounding nations are letting them leave, knowingly and willingly.  They go into prostitution just because they need to earn money to look after their families. These countries they come from have no social grant. Pray that poverty is addressed in the neighbouring nations so that the women don’t have to do that to look after their children.

The church it is going into a new flow like the faith flow. There is a new belief coming into the church to get the church excited and motivate them to serve the Lord again.




Germany will receive orders for train lines and trains. This will raise the level of their exports. This is being discussed in the boardroom by the buyers and they are unsure if they should speak to Germany or China. China is a country that is in competition with Germany. This has become a huge problem for Germany. Also there is competition with cameras and camera lenses as well.  The Germans are re-designing a lens with a name that begins with a Z. They are trying to design cheaper products, so that their market share will not be lost.  The people in the designer lab are saying, ‘we cannot do it.’  They do not want to compromise on quality. Germany will continue to be looked at as a high quality country with high quality products.  

In Germany, chickens are dying on the premises. The German people will not eat chicken anymore.  They will find something else to eat, almost as a compromise.  Germany is very self- contained. They are trying to provide what they need for themselves and not look to the other European Nations. Germany has to support its own nation. They have to feed their own people; they have done it before they can do it again.

There has been a secret gathering and discussion. The EU have decided that they are not going to import from here and there anymore. They are going to try and grow their own produce, prepare their own proteins and their own animals but they are having a problem doing it. It is not going well but they are determined to stick to it. Laboratory technicians and the people making these decisions are making quality decisions about what they are going to produce, how they are going to look after the animals and the poultry and what they need to feed the nation. I just saw this small group saying that they cannot import everything into the EU.  

Portugal: Fuel, Gas or oil, will be found off the coast in the deep sea. In fact they have already discovered it but they have not released the news. They are very excited about this discovery. When they start building their oil rigs, they will announce the find. They do not want people to descend on Portugal and try to hijack what they’ve got. They have already discovered it but it is a secret that will be revealed in the next year, 2014.

France: the French people are under enormous restrictions that they have put on themselves because of their forays into foreign gods and foreign religions. Each Frenchman, at this moment, is looking at what they believe in. Christianity has filtered through everywhere, not in anything specific, nor a specific church. They are looking at what they have done on their own, without God and it is not working. They are starting to look to the Lord. It seems similar to when 9/11 happened, everybody went back to church in America. This same syndrome is taking place in France. Things are so tight and restrictive in France. The French are starting to look around and then look at God and saying, ‘let us look at the church and find out if the church has an answer’. The church needs to lift itself up, and not judge the people, who were having these negative thoughts and influences.   

Italy:  There is an inner arrogance in the people, they say “We have been here for centuries so we are just going to continue eating, drinking and being merry”.  It is going to cost them dearly.



New York: Wall Street. There has been a sifting of the rules and the legislation of the Stock Exchange. Also a sifting out of the people/companies that have listed their companies that are not authentic and have illegally plumped up their profits and losses. Some names are being scratched off the board in the exchange and new names will be added. This is like a revival on Wall Street that is going to filter down to the economy. This will revive businesses and the economy in the whole of America. Big companies coming in will list themselves and prosper. There are prayer warriors walking around the buildings on Wall Street. They are walking up and down. They are walking up and down Wall Street, around the block and speaking life into Wall Street. It has been proclaimed in the spirit and we will see these manifestations in the natural.

Bible belt: This part of the USA will change. It was always the southern part of America. God has earmarked another area that is going to become very powerful in the Spirit. There is going to be a mini revival in this new area. It is a long straight stretch of cities and towns. The whole area will become the “new” Bible belt. People will come from other nations to see what God is doing there. It is something different. It will not be the same as past revivals. Not a Spirit revival but a revival of the Word, the Bible. People will learn to quote scripture, speak scripture. Something very unique is going to happen that has never been before. There is nothing new under the sun but this will be a real revival of the Word.  There will be Bible schools that are going to start teaching the word. Church leaders have run away from the Bible school element of church and they will once again go back to having Bible Schools.

Colombia: Government is going to subsidize farmers. They will then earn the same as when they planted marijuana. They have seen the destruction from marijuana but they planted it, to make a living.  Government will now subsidize them and give the farmers seed and help them to plant different crops. They are tired of the reputation they have. Their heads are hanging from discouragement and they are weary. The Columbians want a different reputation. The Lord has heard their cry. There are many very spiritual people there and the drug cartels are the minority, a small five percent. They have taken over Columbia in recent years. The authorities are tightening the rope around them and changing the system from the ground up.  There is a lot of money being pumped into the nation. They will get a new type of president. The new president is going to be friendly to the poor and he is going to start assisting the poor from the ground up. Before this man became President, he knelt before the Lord and make God a promise, saying “Lord if you make me president I will do x, y, z”.  He is determined to do this. He has received much opposition because others want the money to flow into the country.  They do not care about the other nations but he has made a promise to God and he is going to keep his word.

Haiti: There is desperation over the island. Other nations made them promises when they had their disaster previously but they have not lived up to these promises. There is a hopelessness that has settled on the people. When they turn to God and if they turn to God, they will receive help. There are many churches helping but the government is leaving this to the volunteers. The government of Haiti needs to strengthen itself and become the answer to the people.

United States of America: They have a big problem with foreigners coming in to the USA. There will be new rules and legislation being placed around America, like a belt, encircling them and tightening up the borders and stopping the influx of people who come and take the resources that are there. They are extremely generous people, they just want to give and share and because of that they have been taken advantage of; they are closing the doors on those who have taken advantage of them. They will stamp a white paper and when that stamp is on the white paper it is going to stop the influx and stealing of resources. These visitors are not grateful and do not leave a good footprint. They come in to take and to steal. Because of the generosity of the Americans hearts the Lord does not want that for them. I feel that there is still a very large Christian population that trusts the Lord for a turnabout. God has heard their cry. More of them are for God than those who are against God and because of that He has heard their cry and is going to bring a turnabout.



Australia: All is not as it seems. They act all modern and open to everything but they are not. They have many rules within themselves. They do not like homosexuals or thieves. The women must not be women but must act like men. They are a nanny state and have put restrictions on people. They have got so many rules that there is no freedom. They desire a return of this freedom that they have lost. They have entrapped themselves in their laws. They will revisit their constitution. It is going to cause a worldwide uproar. They will revisit their constitution and relax some of the very strict rules. I am unsure of the year of the original constitution, but it seems quite long ago. They will make some corrections to the rules and regulations and relax some of the very stringent, strict ones. To start a business there, requires a huge amount of red tape. It is difficult to be entrepreneurial.  The founding spirit of Australia is entrepreneurial. This spirit has been crushed and squashed with their rules. They will revisit this red tape and loosen the bonds of the red tape and give people more freedom to be creative and inventive. 

Too much of their land has been given to the Asian people. There is a lot of murmuring in Australia about this. People talking to each other express a lot of dissatisfaction about the amount of land that belongs to foreigners. They will institute rules for property purchases by foreigners, stipulating and limiting the amount of property that can be purchased. The Australians are going to claim back their land. 

The central part of Australia is almost barren, but is dotted with mines.  There will be a rock fall in one of the mines. The rest of the world will rush to try and rescue the miners; it is going to be a rather serious disaster, which will need worldwide expertise and help. They will need a lot more than the resources and expertise that they have presently. Help will come particularly from America.  They will help to rescue the people. This disaster will have some workers underground for a while, but not many lives will be lost.

Tasmania: This nation will begin ship building, not big ship liners. They are going to take orders to build yachts and smaller boats. They seem to have already begun building smaller little boats and ocean liners and the industry will increase. The harbour in Hobart, is where some ships will be built. The Tasmanian people are a skilled sea fearing nation with an understanding of the sea and the products that need to be built. There is one innovative family picking up on this; it is not for everyone, this family is already busy with it. They will expand and have a large quantity of exports.



China is still going to be very closed. They are not going to give us a glimpse into what is going on inside China. They will continue to be a force to be reckoned with. They are involved in many different arenas like mining and export. Everything is about export for the Chinese. They are neglecting their own people in the push to export and bring money into the country to build infrastructure. The money they receive for infrastructure is not been used for what it is gathered in for. They are taking the actual money and they are reinvesting it because they want to do something big; something big like the space race. They are busy building something big and unique in China.

China: There have been forays into diplomacy with China.  Others have tried to enter in but there has been such a wall between Eastern thinking and Western thinking, that the West still does not really have the key for China yet. The Lord will show specific people a subtle way to get into China.  The Lord will use the gospel to reach the people.  It is the gospel that is going to turn the hearts of the people back to something else besides their own nation and country. They have turned themselves and their nation into a god and they will see that there is another God. Only the gospel can set them free. People are fearful of going into China with the gospel. There is an innate fear in Christians about China. They do not easily become missionaries to China. The Lord is busy dealing with that in people’s hearts and He is going to divinely call people to China.  They are going to do simple things like teach cooking, sewing, English and maths. These simple things will bring the gospel in. They cannot enter China as preachers; they have to go in a different way, to be able to get the gospel to the Nation. China is a sleeping giant that needs to be woken up and it will not awaken easily. Billboards and advertising cannot shout about this need to turn. It needs to be subtle and will take many years.

Russia: The Russian Government and leaders are in confusion.  They are not sure where they should focus. Must they focus on manufacturing, sport or agriculture? This has caused much confusion. They decide on one area, talk about it and then push money into it. When it does not appear to work and does not bring in the income to feed the nation, they drop it and try something else. The nation has grown faster than the economy. There is a huge level of poverty in Russia, much more than we are aware of. There are people who are desperately poor, with one set of clothes and no food in the cupboard and no seed to plant in the ground. Seventy percent of the nation is desperately poor and that is also being hidden from those outside of Russia. We need prayer warriors to pull them out of that poverty and give them Godly ideas, so that each person can become an entrepreneur like they do in the east. In Bangkok everybody has a job they all cook and feed each other, everyone is doing something. There is a hopelessness in Russia. They look around them and see nothing.  No big city nearby just a small little village in a rural area and there is just a hopelessness that has descended over Russia that needs to be lifted and it can only be lifted by the entrance of the gospel. 

Russia: I heard music coming out of Russia. Many artists are gathering together and hearing something new, a new sound, not necessarily a Christian sound. They may be Christians but these musicians and artists will receive worldwide fame because of unique paint strokes, operas and symphonies. They will receive the world’s attention. Russia is seen as a rough country but out of this roughness will come this sophistication of music and art.

Ceylon: (Sri Lanka) the small island south of India. Ceylon (Sri Lanka) has disappeared from everyone’s thoughts. Nobody thinks of them anymore. Once they were a force to be reckoned with in the area of imports and exports. There is going to be a disaster near the island, a shipwreck or an aeroplane crash something terrible is going to happen there. This will put Ceylon (Sri Lanka) back on the map, so once again others will see what is going on there. There has been mismanagement and misuse of funds in the government. The people have seen it and they have tried to get the attention of the world because of this but no one has taken notice of them. This disaster will get the attention they need and they are going to be seen again as a grouping and as a people.

Nepal: There are going to be some disasters and crises in that area and they will shut down the Himalayas. Nobody will be able to climb Everest. This will affect the economy of the people on the ground. God is going to use that to get the peoples’ attention. They are looking everywhere else. To the Americans, to the north, the Europeans, the Swedes, the Norwegians,. These nations do a lot of climbing in the Himalayas. They are looking to those people to pad their economy. They have resources within the nation that they are ignoring. They are relying on tourism. They need to pick up again on their resources that are within their nation; clothes, weaving and carpets. They will use animal hair to do something unusual. I don’t know what they are making, lamp shades or something similar, but they are doing something new with the animal hair. Angora is a goat and it is this hair that they will use. They will weave with Angora hair and use the resources that they have in the nation.



Kenya: There are a lot of issues going on in Kenya that are not being addressed. The left hand is not telling the right hand what it is doing. There is much distress and poverty that the leaders seem to be unaware of.  People are moving from Kenya to Uganda and from Uganda to Kenya. They are checking over the border with bundles of clothes. They seem to be stuck in a time zone, not moving forward. There is a young innovative leader rising up in Kenya but for now he is being constantly silenced. Over the next two or three years he is going to make his voice heard. He comes from a spiritual background, but not from a church, he is in government.  For now they feel he is too young, so they are silencing him. They are not going to be able to silence him for much longer. He is going to speak up and start communicating with those Nations surrounding Kenya. There are five nations around Kenya and they are going to come to an agreement. The middle ‘belt’ of Africa is going to have peace and the northern parts are not going to be able to enter Kenya.  They will try to come in and destabilise Kenya, but because of this young man and the plan that he has, the five Nations are going to stand with him and honour the agreement. 

The Equator: Towards the north of the Equator there is a lying spirit that has been let loose and has been there for years. It is seen as clever to lie and scheme. The Lord is addressing this and people are looking at themselves and are having guilty feelings about lying. They have seen that the fruit of their lies has not been good and now there is a new move to be truthful and face the consequences of the truth. They always thought the truth would cause them problems and would not give them what they wanted.  The lies never got them what they wanted for in any case and the Lord is addressing that lying spirit in the people.

A warning for Kenya and Uganda I see them with their heads together plotting against the Asian people. They must not touch them. They have brought wealth to these countries along with their expertise. They must not try to oust the Chinese either because they are bringing progress to this middle belt of nations in Africa. 

Angola: They seem to have a resource curse. All the gems that are under the ground, everything that is under the ground has been a curse. It has made rebels rise up. Large-scale theft has caused the whole nation, except the capital city, to be dry. The country is like a desert except Luanda. Luanda, the capital city is flourishing and doing well but everywhere else they are struggling. No grass, no leaves on the trees, everything is dry and there seems to be nothing there. People have come to Angola from all over the world to steal the resources. God has had enough. He is putting His foot down and rising up a Godly church, that is going to start speaking and start praying against the curse on resources that they have. It is the root of this spirit of greed that will be dealt with. It has been given free reign and everyone has allowed little seeds of greed to enter them, so everyone seems to be affected by it. 



The Global Church: What we heard last year in 2012, concerns the change of leadership and the handing over of the baton in the churches. It will go very smoothly and happen for the good. Those people who are handing over the baton are actually doing it gladly and effectively. There are just a few hiccups in those to whom they are handing the baton. It is as if they are handing the baton to their favourite people, instead of hearing God and handing the baton to the one the Lord chooses. The person the Lord chooses does not always suit the current leader’s personality type; sometimes it is a sandpaper relationship. They should listen to hear the Lord before they hand over the baton. There should be a fine tuning of their spiritual ear and not allowing their own opinions to come into it. In South Africa, I especially feel there are some very old leaders who are still the head of the church. There are younger people who are doing much/most of the work and they have not handed the baton over to them. So, there is a need for a spiritual push, to get that change-over of the baton through. The young leaders are becoming discouraged.  The baton change is between the older and the younger leaders and many ministers are not able to come to grips with this change.

The resistance of the older leader in handing over the baton is because they can see the ineptitude and inadequacies in the next generation and they are holding onto the baton as a protection. It is not protecting the work, it is stalling the work. They have to hand over and let the next generation make their own mistakes. They may not be the same mistakes; they are going to be different mistakes. I just keep zooming into South Africa; I feel it is a word for South Africa.

Those ministers, who are retiring from their calling, will live twin track lives. They will support and sponsor themselves financially and continue to be active in the ministry. It is a new thing for South Africa. People have a desire to be in the ministry and want the church to support them.  There will be this other group of people supporting themselves, having their own income and ability to support themselves. The church will lay hands on them and send them but they will finance themselves. So there will not be any financial drain on the church. There has been a blockage in stopping independent people from going into their ministries. The finance has not been available for it. If people are prepared to sponsor themselves, there are going to be many more people in the mission field. 

I do not yet see South Africans going into Africa to the level that God desires. We seem to be bored with Africa and the South African missionaries want to go to other far off nations, they do not want to go into Africa. God is going to push them into going. I see God urging the people to go to the other African states. What we think will be found there will surprise us. We will be well received and we will have a ministry and a place to do the ministry. There have to be new choices, that the South African ministers and missionaries make, to take Africa for Christ and they should use their expertise for it.

In South Africa, I just see gold within the people of the gospel. People have gold in their spirits. They have a good word, they have a good ministry but they do not want to go. They think going into Africa will demean what they have. This is not so and there are people who will receive what they have to give. 

There is a method change that is very closely linked to church planting. There will be a metamorphosis in the way church and church planting is done. It is not going to be in the usual way, like getting a building and starting a church. There is a new method of church planting. The old method of cell growth which then evolves into a church, is going to change. I see groups of people who are called; they then go and live in the community. They get to know the community, before they try and draw them into Christ.  This is important because usually the communities’ view the new church opening with suspicion. They first need to know the people coming into their community, before they accept them and the gospel they bring. Those who are sent, first have to know the community before they can plant a church. 

We have grown weary of reclaiming our city and we need to start doing that again. Every city, every village must be claimed for Christ; we are waiting for God to claim the city and we have stopped doing it. I don’t know when last I personally walked around the Union Buildings or walked around the suburbs and claimed them for the gospel. We all need to go right back to basics to claim our cities. Even as we drive past places, we need to claim the place in the city for God. It is not just going to happen because we want it, we have to put effort into it and as prophets and prophetic people, God is looking to us first. We each need to begin where we are, Middelburg, Midland, Louis Trichardt and Val de Grace and Muckleneuk and Garsfontein, Moreleta and Faerie Glen; we need to start where we live, as a prophetic action. Each of us needs to plant a scripture in our own city. God will give us a scripture, and we need to plant that scripture in the ground in our suburb as a remembrance.  The Holy Spirit will prompt us to pray. It is as if we have to relearn that.  We have fallen away from the old ways.

There is a big motor company in South Africa that is donating Combi’s to churches in the rural areas. This is going to double. These combis will become multipurpose vehicles, for school transport and for the church. The church is going to take control of the management of these vehicles. They are going to transport school children and church people. This sponsorship is not going to be the mainline, well known Motor companies, like Mercedes and BMW but lesser known Motor companies like TATA and Daewoo. Presently they are plunging much finance into advertising. They are meeting together and discussing where they are going to reach the people with their product. It will no longer be costly billboard advertising but an actual Combi or vehicle with their logo on it. As they do their routes and pick up the School children and use them for church, their advertising will become effective and twofold. This will be advertising their product as well as helping the communities.



S.A Laboratory researching gas in cars. All the technology is in place for this research.  There should be caution in using this technology because of misuse and abuse. Methods are being put in place that are going to totally protect this technology. 

Electric cars will come onto the market. There are a few around and I see that the inventor of this electric car has made one that will work well in South Africa. 

Transport; Railway lines are going to be revamped with new carriages coming. Trains will be transporting people a lot more. This will be implemented quicker than a five year plan or a ten year plan. I hear the Lord say, that is too far away, transport needs to be addressed now. 

Rail in South Africa: A private company is going to be allowed to launch a railway line. There will be a stop at each country bordering South Africa.  So they will go to Botswana and there just inside the border they will have a station. The train will just go into Mozambique and have a station there. Also, up to Zimbabwe and have a station there. That is how Africa is going to be opened up to trade, with these railway lines and the people traffic going first.

S.A. Karoo: In the middle of South Africa, in parts of the Karoo, up towards the Free State, there is a group of farmers meeting together. They are planning something that is not good.  The farmers are saying “we will shoot, we will look after ourselves”. That it is not a God made plan, it is a man-made plan and it will be a disaster.

There is a prominent African leader housed in SA now. He is not in his own country presently but in South Africa. He will end up in a wheelchair because of disobedience. He has been warned but he is stubborn, so he is going to end up in a wheelchair, as an example to himself and others that he did not listen to the warning.

USA: A hurricane will hit the east coast of America and it is going to cause huge destruction, similar to hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. It will bring the American people together. They are going to rally around the victims and it will bring out the good side of the people; they will be able to manage the disaster themselves. 

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