The Beginning – Our first podcast!

This is our first podcast with the aim of many more to come. This is only a short introduction …


Hereafter followed a directive from God.  I was to go to bible School and receive intense structured learning.  I knew I needed it and it would be most valuable – but how? I had three young school going children and a husband in the hospitality business, but god knew all that.  Somehow He opened the Red Sea and I was registered and ready to go to bible School in January 1985.  My goodness, it feels like a lifetime ago.

We do not look back much to the 80’s, but there was an exciting Faith revival in the country and I was catching the wave.  Trusting God for R100 per month to pay my fees.  What a faith walk.

The next two years were just awesome and breath taking.  The most wonderful spiritual experiences.  We would discuss issues in the car pool on the way to class, and the Lord would answer through the lectures that very morning.  How amazing is that?  God showed us how BIG He is and we were taking it all in.

I was unable to do anything extra because the period was so busy.  It was drive to class in Johannesburg, the neighboring city, drive home. Look after the three little darling God blessed me with, and be a helpmeet to my husband and sleep.  Only to begin the next day and go on for the next two years.  It was absorbing and all consuming.


the bible reading, praying and fasting began in ernest.  I was in a big hurry to catch up.  I always felt like I never knew enough.  Having been on a spiritual search since I was about 15 years old, finally it seemed as though there were some answers forthcoming.  They were coming from the bible.  The truth really does set you free!  although my search began when I was 15years old, it did not bear any results.  there were just platitudes and nice words coming out of the people that I asked.  I instinctively knew that they did not know either, so my search just continued .

Of course I did search in fits and starts.  Life got in the way and husbands and babies came along and the days were full of practical things.  i also found that individuals almost “invented” their own beliefs and explanations.  No one seemed to have a proper answer that satisfied me. the answers felt hallow and vague.

Now at last I was getting to the truth.  some of the things I read were not easy to believe and put into action. I was getting them straight from the source – the bible. Phew! I was enjoying the challenge and was very quickly implementing what I was learning.  the Bible spoke about almost everything and I was making changes very fast.  Firstly my heart changed, then my lifestyle and attitude.  it was a bumpy ride and not popular with everyone around me, but I did not pay too much notice to that, I was happy and enjoying God and the revelations that I was getting.

No more gossip – oops that was not easy. Of course I did not gossip to everyone, only to my sisters, well that had to stop. If you speak ill of your neighbor then you don’t love them. No foolish spending, the money belongs to God.  And so the training began.  the beginning is just that, the beginning.  It was a long road ahead.

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So began the most delightful, enjoyable period of my life. When I put the key into the door of my shop to open it each morning, it was a thrill. I was in my element. I was learning something new everyday and enjoying the learning experience. I found out a lot of things about myself too!
In tandum to the launch of “Anita the business woman”, my husband Len was also starting a new career as an Estate Agent. He was gearing himself up by participating in the Dale Carnegie course. Every lesson was shared with his adoring young wife (me), and I gobbled up the information. I implemented all the lessons in my shop, every day a new one. Smile when you speak to the customer – I had never heard that before and I loved it. Dont be pushy, wait for the customer to tell you what they want. Be polite. Not new I agree, but I had never been taught all these things.
I was very serious in those days and did not know how to have fun, so I had to learn to enjoy what the Lord had given me.
I was learning a lot. How to manage staff, how to sell, how to manage the stock and finances and even to smile more. It was so much fun and I enjoyed every moment of my shop and my new world of business. I found out that I was very good at business and the finaces that had started as a dribble, began to increase and flow a bit more. I made money but sadly was far too busy to spend any of it and so the Squirrel fund grew quite large.




How I loved and fed off this idea of myself.  I loved business and enjoyed the challenge of being involved in the bigger picture of life.  I never knew that I could do business!  Shows you that you do not know what is inside you until certain buttons are pressed and you are exposed to it.


My husband Len and I bought our first business by selling our first home.  We had only lived there for about 3 years and the sale realized the money we needed to buy our first business.  Our three children were still small and the eldest two in primary school. I had promised myself that I would be a “happy housewife” until the youngest, a daughter, went off to Grade 1.  I always knew I would “do something”, but of course never knew what.

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I may seem as though I did have a choice, but I did not really have a choice. When God calls us to follow Him and take up our ministries, we all have an inner urge to obey.  Without any insight into what lies ahead in our journey with God, we accept the call and even ask to be sent. Like Isaiah we declare “Here I am Lord, send me!” (Is 6:8b)
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