Equipping ourselves

Learning from those whom have gone before us.

3 thoughts on “Equipping ourselves

  1. Hallo Anita
    When you shared your message at “Gawes in Aksie” a couple of years ago, you asked me if I noticed the worship leader singing in tongues and fading out in the end. I told you I was in God’s Presence – “‘n ander stasie”. What I didn’t tell you, because I didn’t think you would give me the microphone, was that I was really in God’s Presence, experiencing His Love, because of you. I knew – in my spirit – that I was allowed to experience this because of your obedience, dedication and intimacy with God.
    Thank you for that. It was a tremendous blessing and confirmed that there is so much more.
    Where do I get more information on workshops and training?

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