Hereafter followed a directive from God.  I was to go to bible School and receive intense structured learning.  I knew I needed it and it would be most valuable – but how? I had three young school going children and a husband in the hospitality business, but god knew all that.  Somehow He opened the Red Sea and I was registered and ready to go to bible School in January 1985.  My goodness, it feels like a lifetime ago.

We do not look back much to the 80’s, but there was an exciting Faith revival in the country and I was catching the wave.  Trusting God for R100 per month to pay my fees.  What a faith walk.

The next two years were just awesome and breath taking.  The most wonderful spiritual experiences.  We would discuss issues in the car pool on the way to class, and the Lord would answer through the lectures that very morning.  How amazing is that?  God showed us how BIG He is and we were taking it all in.

I was unable to do anything extra because the period was so busy.  It was drive to class in Johannesburg, the neighboring city, drive home. Look after the three little darling God blessed me with, and be a helpmeet to my husband and sleep.  Only to begin the next day and go on for the next two years.  It was absorbing and all consuming.

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