the bible reading, praying and fasting began in ernest.  I was in a big hurry to catch up.  I always felt like I never knew enough.  Having been on a spiritual search since I was about 15 years old, finally it seemed as though there were some answers forthcoming.  They were coming from the bible.  The truth really does set you free!  although my search began when I was 15years old, it did not bear any results.  there were just platitudes and nice words coming out of the people that I asked.  I instinctively knew that they did not know either, so my search just continued .

Of course I did search in fits and starts.  Life got in the way and husbands and babies came along and the days were full of practical things.  i also found that individuals almost “invented” their own beliefs and explanations.  No one seemed to have a proper answer that satisfied me. the answers felt hallow and vague.

Now at last I was getting to the truth.  some of the things I read were not easy to believe and put into action. I was getting them straight from the source – the bible. Phew! I was enjoying the challenge and was very quickly implementing what I was learning.  the Bible spoke about almost everything and I was making changes very fast.  Firstly my heart changed, then my lifestyle and attitude.  it was a bumpy ride and not popular with everyone around me, but I did not pay too much notice to that, I was happy and enjoying God and the revelations that I was getting.

No more gossip – oops that was not easy. Of course I did not gossip to everyone, only to my sisters, well that had to stop. If you speak ill of your neighbor then you don’t love them. No foolish spending, the money belongs to God.  And so the training began.  the beginning is just that, the beginning.  It was a long road ahead.

I wonder if I would have even embarked on the journey if I knew where it would take me? Continue reading