So began the most delightful, enjoyable period of my life. When I put the key into the door of my shop to open it each morning, it was a thrill. I was in my element. I was learning something new everyday and enjoying the learning experience. I found out a lot of things about myself too!
In tandum to the launch of “Anita the business woman”, my husband Len was also starting a new career as an Estate Agent. He was gearing himself up by participating in the Dale Carnegie course. Every lesson was shared with his adoring young wife (me), and I gobbled up the information. I implemented all the lessons in my shop, every day a new one. Smile when you speak to the customer – I had never heard that before and I loved it. Dont be pushy, wait for the customer to tell you what they want. Be polite. Not new I agree, but I had never been taught all these things.
I was very serious in those days and did not know how to have fun, so I had to learn to enjoy what the Lord had given me.
I was learning a lot. How to manage staff, how to sell, how to manage the stock and finances and even to smile more. It was so much fun and I enjoyed every moment of my shop and my new world of business. I found out that I was very good at business and the finaces that had started as a dribble, began to increase and flow a bit more. I made money but sadly was far too busy to spend any of it and so the Squirrel fund grew quite large.




How I loved and fed off this idea of myself.  I loved business and enjoyed the challenge of being involved in the bigger picture of life.  I never knew that I could do business!  Shows you that you do not know what is inside you until certain buttons are pressed and you are exposed to it.


My husband Len and I bought our first business by selling our first home.  We had only lived there for about 3 years and the sale realized the money we needed to buy our first business.  Our three children were still small and the eldest two in primary school. I had promised myself that I would be a “happy housewife” until the youngest, a daughter, went off to Grade 1.  I always knew I would “do something”, but of course never knew what.

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