There is very little movement for the prophets at this time.  Yes, they are still busy and prophesying and doing all that prophets do.  However, the church at large is in transition.  The leaders of the churches have to make very crucial decisions on their own, without the input and interference from the prophets.  Too many man made projects and systems have been implemented in the church as a “God said” thing.  God is busy tidying up his church.  Changing leaders, systems, and thought patterns. Too many events are being touted as Gods vision for the church, when it is in fact, Man's vision for the church.

The church is being called back to the simplicity of the gospel. The good news.  There is a whole generation of believers that do not know the value of faith, giving and healing. All basics of the previous era of the Church.  They have been skimmed over and often ignored. Programs have become the forefront ministries.  Naturally, there is always a remnant of leaders who have not “lost the plot”. Others who do not wait for the Holy Spirits direction, are floundering.

This is not a time for the prophets to “rescue” situations.  The prophets need to build themselves up as this last season has been draining and stifled the true prophetic gift. Too many emergency prophesies, that have not been helpful.  The prophets must again fall in love with the Word of God, the bible and call on the Holy Spirit to refresh their gifts. This cannot be done in the limelight, so it is a season for withdrawing from the hubbub and going into a quiet place to renew their strength - Is 40:31.


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